Is It Thursday Already?

I’ve been refining my design portfolio, and have decided on 5 magazines to form the components (I’m expecting to have 5 issues, but if it’s more I have a secondary list of magazines).

Mag 1 – About the Pause:

Rolling Stone

Mag 2 – Grand Central Terminal:


Mag 3-5 – ??? (no particular order):

1101061023_400 Taylor-Swift-Vogue-Cover-February-2012-taylor-swift-28675563-676-960 2009-may18

The New Yorker may have to change to New York magazine, as the content of the New Yorker probably isn’t going to work (too text based, it might just be like the cover has been thrown on the wrong magazine).

I’ve redone a few pages of the first magazine (below) and started editing further incomplete¬†pages.

15-11-04 RSPause001

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to progress the bench, and I can’t come up with anything… yet. I’m letting it simmer for another day or two before I go back to it.


One thought on “Is It Thursday Already?

  1. What led to your choice of these particular magazines and what is behind your thinking in assigning an existing magazine per chapter of the portfolio? Is there a connection between the magazines you have chosen and the sections that you are assigning to them?

    The feel of the magazine is coming through but we wonder how the spreads will work when bound. Look at how magazines deal with images across spreads. You will need to consider how the magazine is bound as this will impact on any distortion or loss of image across the spreads. Given your current layout it would be preferable for the magazine portfolio to lay flat when open so that you do not loose visibility of page content towards the centre (as you would get if trying to open Vogue out flat, for example). Have a look at how your different magazines are bound and how the pages fall open and bear this in mind when arranging your page spreads. Good to see the work being formatted, looking forward to seeing all your work to date formatted for Tuesday.

    To get through the bench-block start sketching it. Think about what we discussed, does it become a bench? Do the changing materials give form to it? Look at the steps at the back of this photograph, the stone was cut straight but the wear has created a bow. What if that was the desired final form and the process of wear was intended to execute this? You could sketch with layers of trace to think through the stages of how the form will evolve or be revealed and then work this into a more finished drawing.

    What about the site drawing? For Tuesday be able to show how this has evolved following our conversation on Tuesday.

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