Chelsea: Updated Drawing

I have continued to work on my drawing and update it. I found some technical drawings of the original Chelsea Piers from Engineering news in 1909, which have allowed me to draw the decaying piers in Microstation. I wanted to show the piers at different stages of decay in the photo over time, so in the background theyare starting to fall, then the steel structure is shown, followed by the wooden columns that support the pier. Only some of the structure and wooden columns survive today.


Technical Drawing piers

Chelsea Drawing 2

As a starting point, I have added a few notes to the drawing, in additon to a timeline at the bottom, indicating the year and how the drawing should be read, but this will develop to become more part of the drawing. I will also change the font when I decided on a font for the portfolio.


Chelsea Update screenshot 1

Chelsea Update screenshot 2

I have arranged to meet someone at the new Chelsea Piers sports complex to show me around and talk about the building, which includes some of the original frame. I also hope to be able to talk to others for research.


In terms of the Portfolio, I havent managed to research much into the portfolio as I have been busy working on the drawing, but I have been looking at a few ship log books to see layouts etc. I’m going to look further into this to see what elements and ideas I can use in the portfolio, to show the progression of time, and hopefully have some portfolio sheets for Tuesday.


Ship Log 1

Ship Passenger Log



One thought on “Chelsea: Updated Drawing

  1. The timeline really helps in structuring how the drawing is read. The timeline is novel in that 1890 and 2010 meet and you should make more of that. That join is basically now, so bring your timeline forward to the present. As your project evolves it will be key to start exploring this interface between 1890 and 2015 which your drawing suggests.

    Showing the advancing deterioration of the piers adds a nice tangible timeline. You might need to think of what the logic is between line-work and collaged elements. Are the piers always shown by line and the only line-work in the drawing? This could successfully show the other timeline to follow through the drawing but the interface between collage and line will need to be refined, as will the depth of the buildings in the foreground. But this drawing really has a lot of potential and we look forward to seeing the next development on Tuesday.

    Intrigued to see how you will translate the log to the portfolio format. As we said on Tuesday, really interrogate how time is structured by the log and bring this into the portfolio for next week. Again, we look forward to seeing this on Tuesday!

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