Re-iteration of Site Drawing-Coney Island

Draft Iteration 3








Iteration 2

My second draft of Coney Island site drawing as seen  bottom image didn’t  portray the layers of opulence, innovation, and eventual decay.  The third draft idea shown top image will be developed on the basis of a vintage postcard.  The main focus will be the Child’s Restaurant (which still exists on west 21st)  acts as the threshold between city, park and beach but also sat at the center point of so many groundbreaking technologies.  I aim to have a drawing which will have the Child’s Restaurant as originally built in all its glory with coloured textural detail of the terra cotta springing out.  Doors and windows will act as peep holes into the layers of what once amazed and intrigued.  Images of the different technologies integrated within the larger picture-many parts making up the whole, seamlessly blending in allowing the viewer to walk through the island and experience the visual feast.

The postcard being split into the existing Manhatten ‘smoke’ linking to the bright fun risque island of Coney, the three amusement parks and beach.  A timeline with info-graphics will define the key dates of inception and  innovation, whilst also highlighting the decline through cultural change and other technologies such as movies, radio, the depression, the car, WW2 and ultimately TV.

Although the island has gone through huge rise of popularity in a short space of time, gradual decline, it now faces the retro resurrection and rebirth perhaps through rose tinted glasses.

I thought perhaps the drawing could be double sided, and along with flaps, doors, sliding windows and images within images, I could have revolving sections which depict the old and the new.  The smell of candy floss, and hot dog, glimmer of light.  Ultimately an interactive experience which visually tells the story of the rise and fall of an architectural and technological incubator which fed into Manhatten.



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  1. The new draft is much improved from the earlier version – compositionally it already starts to have more clarity in expressing the different facets of Coney Island. The woman you contacted who was one of the premature babies incubated on the island sounds fascinating and we’re curious to see how you start to weave this story into the postcard. At the moment the most cohesive part of the drawing is the top left hand corner – the different elements of the collage start to relate and build on one another to really tell a story – We’re sure you will do the same with the rest – how you connect these quadrants to Child’s Restaurant in the middle and weave the different strands together will be interesting. The role played by text in the drawing will be key – text used minimally but strategically to highlight certain moments and stories along the way. Try to use more line drawing to unify the disparate and pictorial collaged elements – its good to use linework to highlight things the pictures can’t show or to bridge any visual gaps. Keep going so we can see the next version on Tuesday and think about where your postcard title or headline will be placed and what will it say?

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