Week 7

Referring to the comments on Tuesday, I am working on my drawing in Photoshop to make the demolished part of the factory have a stronger contrast from the remained one to have a disappeared effect. Here is the process drawing below. And I also made a reversed drawing as the white is shadow and black as light to show a stronger sense of how light goes around the building. After this, I will work on replace the demolished part to urban farm.habddrawInverted habddraw

The sketch up model is half way to go, I am trying to finish it by today to test out the daylight.Capture 4

Besides, I did some research on the urban farm in New York and keep on finding places and information that I need in there. Urban Farm is a pretty new industry in New York, which Willamsburg has 4 farms including 1 in the demolished part of the Sugar Factory and 2 as roof top farming. I found some articles about promoting rooftop farm is the new trend in New York. However, the income for the farmer is insecure as the rooftop farm closed during the winter time. Also I am thinking about my building function, will it be just urban farm only or it will  have something related to urban farm, for example Brooklyn Grange bought the old factory and use it as ground level for shop and cafe, roof top as farm and other levels as office. So I am going to explore some regenerated factory as well and hope I will get more idea from it.

I am making my NY visit list:

  1. Domino Sugar Factory (the site of course)
  2. Lowline (open on Saturday and Sunday, from 10-4pm, which I received the itinerary and find there’s conflict. Saturday the program is from 11 to evening and Sunday is free after 3pm. Therefore I may not able to go there? or don’t have enough time to stay there?)
  3. Urban Farm
    -Brooklyn Grange (well known profit farmer team in Brooklyn, they have rooftop farm in few places, but all of them are closed now for winter. Maybe I can contact them and see if I can go for visit? and get some information about the system of their rooftop farm and what they planting on it?)
    -North Brooklyn Farm (on site) 11-8pm everyday
  4. Regenerated Factory
    -Industry City (Brooklyn), there are 3-4 factories separated by street, they regenerated as artist studios and workshop, 1 block of factory becomes a vertical food street. Not sure if I can walk in to the artist studio or workshop freely but it may be helpful if I can get into some shops/workshop to see how the interior planning and how it related to the light. They have event on Saturday and Sunday from 10-6pm. Also a whisky shop (they make whisky in there) offering wine wasting/cocktail bar open on Friday /Saturday from 4-10pm, It said the shop has nice view on website. I wonder if I can go in to take pictures.
    -MasBrother, somewhere in Wiliamsburg, not far from site. It is a chocolate factory with shop. The company regenerated an old factory and turn it into their chocolate workshop, open everyday from 10-8pm, tour in every hour.
  5. Williamsburg Local
    I am planning to walk around, including the park area, the residential area to discover the local. How’s the environment,  community? Also I read some article about gentrification getting serious in that area due to the development in that area but also the Brooklyn in general.

    I am not sure if I have time for all of them, but I will try to plan it out.

One thought on “Week 7

  1. Great development of the site drawing – adding more atmosphere to the ink drawing has helped to manifest the difference between the existing and the demolished. Inverting the drawing is also interesting since it exposes new things about the drawing, perhaps this is a technique you could use more in the portfolio to contrast light and shadow, day and night etc. It made me think of these photographs by Stephen Wilkes who made composite images of the same places at day and at night in a single frame: http://flavorwire.com/202156/nyc-goes-from-day-into-night-in-one-frame – they are incredibly complex photographic collages with up to 50 images used to construct them.
    To develop the urban farm idea, maybe start to map where urban farms exist in the area around the Domino factory to show its rarity, as well as its potential to bring a new type of industry to the area. The closure at winter has huge potential to advocate for an indoor or greenhouse type space for year-round growing! Don’t jump into the proposal too quickly – instead understand the urban farming condition in the area through drawing and understand where the gaps are for you to intervene. Investigate what crops are typically grown, what conditions they need in terms of temperature, light! / shade!, nutrients, care etc.
    As for your proposed visits in New York – they all sound promising. We can find time for you to go to the lowline – you can skip the Janet Cardiff walk in the afternoon if necessary on Sunday or else go at 10am before we visit the City Reliquary at noon? Try to set up a meeting with someone at Brooklyn Grange on the free weekdays to see if you can interview them and understand the constraints of urban farming in the area. Lots to do but very exciting potential!

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