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Firstly, I would like to apologize for the lack of preparation last tuesday.


Moving on from last Tuesday ive tried to come up with a couple of drawings of investigation into the chosen site. Ive tried to create a narrative through the images. I am trying not to get too carried away into the areas of memory etc at the moment and focus more on facts and fiction and see what that uncovers and where it leads me to. On all the attached drawings ive used my own analysis to interpret what i thought of as fiction and fact. Iv created a criteria which i could follow.

What ive identified is that the existing/pre existing binary relates almost directly to the fact and fiction, and this is done by following the criteria i set out. Something along the lines of how over time the stories and history of the what used to exist get modified due to lack of substantial documentation and sources. And the question of does a demolished building become fiction, which i identified as the building moves from being fact into the fictional zone.

For the first image ive tried to narrate and split the factual and fictional information on the site. Ive done this, influenced by the idea of how fiction is strongly or loosely based on factual elements. How fiction is an altered part of fact rather than a separate entity.

Marine Park (fact-fiction)

For the second image i have tried to state the criteria. This still needs a lot of work but ive made a draft version of what i felt were the criteria.


Moving on ive tried to show the existing, pre existing and refused proposal of the site. Which could provide for the beginning of an interesting aspect to the narrative later on. The image still needs work, im not very happy with it.

Existing Plan

Like you suggested on tuesday to develop my own interpretation of fact and fiction like how Panos Mavros related it to Porocity and Compacticity, ive tried to potray my version through the image.

Fact + Fiction

With the following image ive tried to sum up how the concept functions and relates to the site. Of how even though burdened with a vast history, there are elements of the site that are always going to be fictional. Sort of how a fictional novel unfolds. Ive further addressed the idea of how fact plays an integral role in creating fiction.


Ive yet to work on updating the portfolio but ill have this done by tuesday.

As for the exploratory study, i am uploading the pages ive added on further. Speaking about the exploratory study to Charles on tuesday he suggested that if i carried the analysis and results obtained from testing out the devices that i should try do some material swatches that will highlight the qualities obtained from the results. Ive thought about it and it isnt really starting over, rather im just recreating the results obtained in the form of a more tangible output. Ive only just begun to investigate into this, but by tuesday ill have something to discuss about this. Ive started looking at faux concrete, and light transmitting concrete.

The pages ive added on arent final yet. A lot of it still needs to be edited.

Exploratory study


One thought on “Work in Progress

  1. Huge amount of work and we’re really impressed at how you have taken the comments on board from Tuesday and put them into the new drawings. The definitions of fact vs. fiction are really good – especially about the blurry line between the two and how fictions (especially those relating to site) often have a factual basis. Its a really, really great step forward.
    The drawings are really complex, speculative and exciting too – in the first drawing where you show the facts and fictions of the site – how do you differentiate fact from fiction? Its evident how you do with the drawings but what about the text? Does it shift in columns according to which side it belongs to?
    Setting up the criteria is a good start and its a nice way to visualise how you are really evaluating fact and fiction – keep working on this as you develop the project and it grows in complexity.
    As for the existing, pre-existing and refused proposals for the site, the landscape photographic plans have a certain quality to them that is intriguing and filled with detail – there is something more to explore there but the section at the bottom with the strange sunset backdrop doesn’t do the upper part of the composition justice – it makes all that dramatic landscape seem tame – maybe the line drawing needs to expose the fictions present in the photographic plans?
    The palpable is a nice interpretation of the factual but can you find a new word for the fictional – porous borrows too much from Panos Mavros and we think redefining what makes something fictional for you will be more powerful.
    The concept drawing sets a good tone for the fictional potential of the site but at the moment its too much of a mood image and it should expose more of the fictional landscapes overlaid onto the factual. Its the basis of a good drawing but be wary of using the pipes, and other industrial equipment without intent – where do they lead us? What do they produce? What does adding them to the drawing add to it in terms of revealing your attitudes towards site fictions?
    Finally – exploratory study: try to redraw any diagrams you want to use so its all in the same style – you have a very distinctive layout and strong drawing skills so make sure everything looks like its part of the same document and template. Absolutely DO NOT START OVER – the way you’re heading by documenting how to use the device more and then investigating how fake materials could alter our perception of fact and fiction is great – look at the work of the artist Thomas Demand who makes models of real objects, spaces and scenes out of paper. Or this example which was mentioned before of making fake marble and slate out of recycled denim and shirts – it looks like stone until you lift it and its really light: – use the very sophisticated criteria and your newly defined qualities of what makes something fact or fiction to apply to the exploration study!
    All in all – incredible progress and really nice work! Well done – keep up the pace and the quality! Looking forward to seeing these developed and printed on Tuesday.

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