Work Progress

I apologize for the late post again. And this is gonna be a bit of slow progress.

Currently, I’m expanding the catalogue of bridges from previous 4 to 28 bridges in New York. Later I will narrow down to more detailed drawings of chosen bridges that will help in further exploration of its construction, how sound travels through solid materials, the energy forces diagrams, the bridge material, axono, etc.

east-river-map-comp 2This is work progress of map that contains the 28 bridges around New York. Am doing brief explanation of each of the bridges and trying to get them formatted in one go both portfolio and exploration study. Thus, a bit slow progress on each of drawings.

Strings test photo-min Waveform graph-min


The telegram we talked about has a lot of potential in understanding more of data transmission, cables/wire as connector, long distance transmission, Morse code. And I’m still reading and looking for other related info. (a bit overlapped with current drawings)


Drawing examples from Paul Humphries as drawing reference;

tumblr_ng3jn0SxOl1r3olv9o3_1280 tumblr_ng3jn0SxOl1r3olv9o6_r1_1280


The theme for the portfolio like the ones we discussed last tuesday, a modern look of classic guidebook/handbook. The colour scheme and graphics would pretty much be like below attachments.


w h


For the upcoming visit to New York, hopefully I can do some recordings of the sound of bridges, the scale proportion to the city and people, the cables, different types of bridges experience; vibration of bridges under moving vehicles (maybe 2 or 3 bridges visit during free time), etc.

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