A Site on South Side

A Site on South Side

Drawing the relationship between the artificial district established linking the site of the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel at 36 Central Park South with East Harlem. The skyline of Midtown Manhattan is an artificial mountain range of [ever]tall[er] buildings, shaped by the paranoia of the developer and [dis]connected to Upper East Side by census tracts through Central Park.

Next step I think will be to make the drawing mapping the social/political/economic tensions at play and to put the digital model through a climate analysis to see how the site is affected by its context.


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  1. You need to think about your answers to Toby’s questions as this will help you reflect on where you are to date and help you to think about how you will articulate your project to those unfamiliar with it at the cross crit. You have hit upon some very interesting conditions with the census tracts situation between your two locations, this is a complex story with all the various agents and translations between places and so it would have been helpful to see your storyboard and overview as we asked so that we could give you feedback on presenting the project on Tuesday. This will really help to tie together the conceptual threads that are running through the work, such as what is meant by the anxiety of developers. This is all super interesting and suggestive stuff that people will want to question you about.

    The drawing mapping the social/political/economic tensions will be important, have this finished for Tuesday. Your work so far has looked at tension in various ways – the anxiety and indeterminacy of the uncanny, the building / parasite relationship, the various forms of translation. Call upon these investigations when developing the method and visual language to map your tensions.

    What do you intend to discover from the climate analysis and how will this inform your next step? Where do you see your project going next? How will the conversations that we have had in NY – about time, collecting, preservation, relational scales (object to museum, museum to city, object to city) inform your intervention into your site?

    As I said, we are really excited about the issues that you are exploring and this should lead to some really rich conversations at the cross crits. Just make sure that you give as much as you can to help those that do not know your work have that conversation.

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