Incubator for Synthesis

Incubator for Synthesis – Iteration 7

Suggestions taken on board and drawing amended.  Physical elements to add/insert/overlay to the A1 drawing to complete.

Incubator for Synthesis - Iteration 7


During the week, I put some finishing touches to the Drawing ‘Explosion of the Senses’ in order to be able to do a short video of the interactive use of the box ready for Cross Crit.  The video will show it being used and highlight the link into the Object of Intrigue (Coade Stone).  Ultimately my aim is to do an animated film of the box being used.


Cover of the Box-Mind map of the sensory impact of moments linked to the route.  Lift the lid and the route is revealed as are the booklets of moments through ‘time’.  Sensory Impact of our Environment transports us through time.



The participant can experience the game to the rhythm of the Newtons Cradle.   This imparts the same sense of pace encountered keeping in step with Janet Cardiff on her walk.  The participant when looking into the booklets will see a peep hole to another layer underneath which hold the tangible 3d moments symbolic of the mind map.  The participant will slide forward the layer of booklets, feel, smell, hear and see a range of moments and be transported through their own time and mind map of moments.  Using the information they will be able to link all the threads between the route, the booklets and the 3D moments.


The Coade Stone cubes and sample shots are currently undergoing physical and mechanical testing to gain data to feed into the Exploration Study and the potential structural and construction use of the artificial stone compared to other products currently available.

CONEY ISLAND SITE – Innovation and Integration of Technology

I watched Two Weeks Notice – starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant – filmed in 2002.  Basis if the film starts with Sandra Bullocks character trying to save her ‘Community Building’ from being demolished for new development by a large corporation.  The Community Center in the film is the Child’s Restaurant.  Although no filming was done inside, interestingly the building was land marked within a year of the film being released.

With a view to progressing and developing a way forward in terms of design and not being restricted by the spanish baroque revival design of the Child’s Restaurant, or the limitation of stone as a material I looked further into the architects of the various Child’s Restaurant buildings in New York.

Child's Resturant Fifth AvenueSuffolk and Title Guarantee Bldg

I also looked into innovative use of contemporary stone buildings as a springboard for the development of the museum.

Harbin twin towers Islamic Museum of Art

I would like to explore these precedents more alongside the innovative technologies discovered as part of my research of the three amusement parks on Coney island.


In terms of the questions raised by Toby – In summary:

1  Name of Project – Incubator for Synthesis?

2  I believe the project to have a social and economic vibe to it, something for the people but financially viable.  Coney island has a sensory impact on most people, it is a phrase which implants an image, a thought, and an emotion which transcends time.  It is all things to all people, it was a natural escape and but also a criminals crevice.

3  The question raised in Janet Cardiff’s walk was Do Sensory moments within our environment transports us through time and/or  affect our emotional well being?  As architects we have a direct design impact on the environment and how that design can affect individuals/mass culture, this can also in turn impact the social/economic environment and full circle impact the environment we have designed.

4  The language of my project in both semesters will be a combination of digital design/model, physical design/models and interactive objects, thus having elements which will appeal to all characters and ultimately having a sensory impact, be it good or bad-hopefully both being tested.

5  References – reference is made to historical, architectural and literary elements of the White Chapel;  Coade Stone; and  Coney Island past and present.

6  Site –  The site is based on 2104 Boardwalk/East and West 21st.  Much research has be done into the site, the infrastructure, the development, decay and current re-zoning.  The site will be looked at respectfully of the existing but integrated with a re-imagined addition/integration.

7  Materiality – explored in the precedents mentioned above.

8  Client – the audience will be people, all classes, all cultures.

9  The project I see as a real venture, a true possibility with an innovative edge.

10  One  sheet to highlight the Exploration of Senses but alongside the 1 minute film

One sheet to highlight the Object of Intrigue

The drawing of Coney Island alongside a sheet showing the site in context.

One sheet to highlight the Innovative technology of Coney Island &  the built environment of Coney & Manhattan;

One sheet highlighting my intent for next semester Incubator for Synthesis – from the research I have done I would like to embrace the stance of being ‘innovative’ with material and integrating        known materials and technology but in an innovative way.   All of the innovations I have explored have generally been the ‘development of an idea made commercially successful’.

















One thought on “Incubator for Synthesis

  1. Good progress on the drawing. I still think that the fonts need a little work. Are these taken from word art? It is too suggestive of a certain computer interface. Look into another source to select the font and scale it up so that it has a relationship with the borders rather than being contained within them. The yellow ground below the top images and the restaurant could be omitted too by bring the images down or making a border strategy from some other elements of the drawing.

    The box is looking good! Will you have time to finish the video? I hope so! Make sure that you have planned out how you will use the time between now and Tuesday so that you have finished material to talk about.

    I am intrigued by the Coade stone testing. How are you carrying out and documenting these tests? What information are you gathering? This sounds like an important step and should move the Coade work on to a structural enquiry.

    Innovation has been a thread throughout the project and it seems right that you will progress along this line. But ask yourself what it means to be innovative. How will you be innovative? Your definition of innovation as ‘development of an idea made commercially successful’ is interesting and it is good to be defining what you mean by innovation. Do not lose the tension presented by Coade stone of an innovative material that looks backwards in its stylistic application. What kind of innovation is this – to be stagnant in design yet progressive in material? Obviously you do not want to do the same but think about the relationships present in your work between historic forms and innovative technology.

    How would museum conversations inform your intervention into the site? Can your museum strategy make space for continuing innovation, be the producer of innovation and therefore switch the relationship of the museum being isolated from the ‘outside’ in its usual view back into history?

    Enjoy the conversations on Tuesday! We think that you present very well so be confident in the narrative that you give and in presenting all the fascinating stories that you have uncovered be clear how they relate to design, spatial, structural issues of your project.

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