Week 10 : Cross Crit Questions

1) NAME: Does the project have a name?

“On-Time(s)” ??? not sure of it yet

2) QUESTION: What is at stake in the project? (Something political/ social/ economic..?) What is being questioned and why? What is the research question?

The project mostly concerns the emotion exploration of the public and will likely to involve mostly of the social aspects. This project will be located in the middle of Times Square and will serve as a transition space which will be a total opposite of the surrounding but still compliments the site. In terms of function of the building/structure, it will likely to be an interactive space filled with public amenities.

3) PROPOSITION: How is the question answered: what is the proposition?

An interactive gallery space; permanent and temporary space that provide space for community purpose programs/play-pit stop-structure/ or anything that relates to an interactive building.

4) LANGUAGES: Drawing languages/sound model making or film technique: how do these languages support the project?

Drawings of site, determining the emotional elements of the site will make the project to be related to the site in terms of history and architecture .experimentation/exploration of material will make the project to be more interactive and interesting (based on the emotive architecture concept).

5) REFERENCES: Are there art/architecture/literary/historic/unit trip stuff or other references used?

there are several interactive community projects that involves manipulates technology and materials.





6) SITE: What is the approach or relationship to site? Is there a site? How well is it understood? How does this knowledge inform the project? Is there a reinterpretation of site in some way?

The project will be located in Times Square New York. Specific site within times square is not set yet. it could be an exension of the TKTS, could be in tthe intersection of the crossroads, could be an overhead. Times Square was chosen as the site because of its compact and diverse surroundings. it is known as the busiest crossroads in the world and if relating back to the concept of  emotive arhcitecture, the site will provide lots of different kind of emotions from a very diverse community.

7) MATERIAL: Materiality (or immateriality): what is the approach to physicality in the project? What is the approach to time? Is the project spatial? What is the ‘space’ of the project?

The interaction and exploration of emotions through architecture and tech are the main aim of the design. The main intangible material is the emotion of the user itself. As for the materiality of the architecture and its program, interactive materials  that are responsive to the surrounding such as thermochromics material, EL lights and kinetic sensors will be used.

8) CLIENT: Who is the proposal for? Is there an audience in mind? How is this made evident?

Not Specified – Mainly the users of Times Square and Tourists. Mainly public.

9) PROVOCATION: How real is the project? Is it a paper project in the sense of a provocation or a ‘real’ project with practical constraints such as planning, construction strategies etc.?

Since Times Square is a very packed and dense as it is, the scope of the project is somehow dependant on the location. For instance, if it’s an extension of an existing building or structure, the project will require certain planning strategies and etc while if its on a fictional location of the site then the appearance of the project could be open ended.

10) PRESENTATION: How is each piece of work to be presented? How does the physical paper/any physical models work with the on-screen parts (if any)?

11) SPACE: What is it like to be inside your project? Is there logic to the spatial arrangement you are proposing? Can you tell a story about the relationship of one space to the next?

Each space of the project are different emotive stages with specific programs that relates to the user’s emotional experience. In other words, different emotional experience gives different kind of program. The relationship of all these intangible elements will create an interesting and interactive feature to Times Square.


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  1. sorry – didnt see this earlier.
    Think you need a better title that deals with exhibiting, measuring and spatialising emotions over time.
    How do you plan to use Times Square as a site to exhibit emotions? How do you think showing emotion and how it affects space will change the use or programme of times square. The word of the year in 2015 was an emoticon, showing that these symbols are a more popular expression of emotion than words – could be an interesting article to contextualise your project as to why emotions are so important and are embedded in pop culture: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/nov/17/crying-with-laughter-how-we-learned-how-to-speak-emoji

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