For those doing Sound?



Hi everyone,

I don’t know if this is useful to any of you who are looking at sound, but this artist, David Byrne (no relation, I promise!) does these installations of how to play buildings. He looks atĀ attaching devices onto parts of the building and experiments with interactivity of people with the building as an instrument. It’s quite fun!


One thought on “For those doing Sound?

  1. Another one to do with sound, if its of any relevance, Aphex Twin swung a Disklavier, a computer controlled acoustic piano, like a pendulum at the Barbican a while ago to play around with the dopler affect. Its really strange, and the pitch apparently shifts and plays with the space of the room etc. You can hear the pulleys moving it back and forth.

    If noone gets anything out if then cool but I think its great! Just wanted to share it just in case!

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