There will be no number 19, instead I’m planning to insert 2 pages from the second issue which introduces the materials of each layers of my object and scraping off the idea of having a 2nd issue (The 2nd issue has nothing to do with the exploration study, is purely about materials I’ve laid on each layer of the scaffold object to resemble the material timeline). Not sure about it, or do you suggest that I shouldn’t include that 2 pages as well since the Janet Cardiff thing is not very important.

IMG_5599Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 9.12.05 PM


This is the layout in computer.

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  1. I really liked the way you presented your work on Tuesday. I thought your drawings were very beautifully created and communicated some complex ideas in a manner that was immediately accessible to someone who was unfamiliar with your project.

    The tutors raised the issue of the tension between the proposed artists’ residences and the building to which they affix themselves. If this is a hostile relationship as they suggested then how do the two coexist? Could the proposal be more invasive – I was imagining great tracts of shonky scaffolding tearing into the building through violent rifts. Or might you choose instead to depict a moment in time? The site drawings you have made map the growing area of gentification in the area and so could these residences be portrayed as transient studios; always retreating, always on the fringes (of society and the law)? You’ve said that your interest is in the potential permanence of scaffolding architecture so my only question is really what political conditions might allow these structures to exist through time if they are to be preserved in stasis.

    You asked above about including some extracts from your second issue. If the problem is physically arranging the layout then sometimes I find it helps to do a couple more drawings that provide me with the content I need to complete a spread. If you don’t think the Janet Cardiff work is so important then maybe include it in an appendix at the end? Or shrink it down and include it as a smaller image in relation to another piece of work? You’ve done all the work so it would be a shame for no one to see it.

    Keep going, I love what you’re doing!

    A couple of references you might find interesting:
    3. The chapter in Italo Calvino’s Invisible cities where he describes the city of Esmeralda

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