Week 10 : Story Board

There isn’t much to comment on in the storyboard at the moment as I’ve stripped things back heavily. I had too many photos and not enough work.


15-11-26 Story board 001


There is more crafting to do to some of the layouts (they take a surprising amount of time for me to be happy with them). The continuation of the Terminal magazine is unclear at the moment; I could do with suggestions on how to draw the station/the pause if there are any. I’m looking at some of the examples from the Socks site, and plan to utilise the kinds of drawings like these when exploring the pause:

http://socks-studio.com/2015/09/05/negative-writing-home-and-other-works-by-jochen-gerner/   (The IKEA style ones Manijeh blogged about)

http://socks-studio.com/2015/09/29/photographic-removal-as-critical-practice-marina-abramovics-freeing-the-horizon-1973/  (This is one of the methods of reworking the pause I documented in time lapses)

I plan on looking at the ‘When Photography Catches Time’ part of the website again as there was some great inspiration on there, and I could do with finding it again!


As I progress with tech, the order and content of the magazines keeps changing and being reassigned. The Pause magazine will not be volume one, but I don’t think I will decide the volume order until towards the end of the year.


Following on from the tutorial the areas of light, and having a museum of two halves are still ideas I am pursuing. Also the idea of a holding space which disperses people into a linear, uncomfortable spatial arrangement. Ronnie’s conversation about the sense of paranoia within the station due to terror threats (closing of taxi rank and walk-way windows) and circumstances like the black out paint from WWII remaining on the windows for decades are an element I find interesting and had not considered the elements to that extent. As pausing is viewed as a suspicious act these days it feels like it’s already made itself a part of my thesis given the site.


I have just discovered that structurally Grand Central is already equipped to have a skyscraper built on top of it (a tower was in original plans so copious steel reinforcement was built in preparation – but it was scrapped much to the disappointment of the architects). Given that the surrounding area is all drawing skywards, including the construction of a super-skyscraper next door, and I’m interested in bringing light back to the station, this intrigues me….


Plan for over Christmas: have both magazines done. Lots of things are started and kindling, but not much concrete or presentable. It’s all photos and thoughts. I want to say have started the third magazine, but until I really know where the museum is going I am not sure I can start the next one as I need a new theme. Possibly the next magazine will be about ‘light’ or ‘halves’ or…… So at least over Christmas I need to have broken the back of how to bring physicality to everything and understand my curating role.

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  1. Hi Cat! I truly apologize for the late comment, I totally forgot actually. Sorry! I’ll try to be helpful as much as I can. For the storyboard, I like when you do it in chapters/volumes for your design, makes me wanna follow and read every time new issue comes out like a real magazine. It would be more interesting to read if your magazine has one proper layout/template along with colour themes, style (ie edgy/fun/serious/classic, catalogue, etc) I can share my pinterest portfolio board if you want, to get some general ideas 🙂 The choices made for overall look of magazine and how it is read perhaps can strengthen your materials and idea for your museum as well. Since you and the cross crits tutors were discussing about the window, the tower of GCT and your museum being a space to disperse people into a linear, uncomfortable spatial arrangement, maybe you can do an axono drawing of the site in order to understand the relationship of each spaces, each elements of the building that can help you in designing and get a hold of how to carry out the ideas you were talking about. I read our tutors’ comment from you previous posts about how to make people pause and stop for wonder, curiosity or fear, I think this would be interesting if you would include it in your design. Thinking of how different kind of spaces (or ambience created in it) can make people pause or stop to admire them or shocked by it, to contemplate which this could also relate to passing time and memory and not to mention a new descriptive interpretation of ‘the bench’. Stillness and chaos. Some of the light studies you can get hands on is Louis Kahn’s building, http://www.archdaily.com/83071/ad-classics-national-assembly-building-of-bangladesh-louis-kahn or Peter Zumthor’s Bruder Klaus Chapel. Whenever I see a building that is spacious on the inside, with high ceiling, huge domes or vaults, massive columns, what I always look for is the scale. The scale of human being, of furniture in that kind of space gives particular feeling to the viewer that’s watching the scene now. It sets the mood and a sense of passing time and also of stillness, the ‘pause’. I can try find some examples on how to draw the pause/the station but I’ll get back to you in the next reply post. Hope this is helpful so far.

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