Plasti-city Storyboard

I’ve reconfigured the materials I have to create a holistic reading of my project and design thesis. Here is the sketch storyboard that I did :


The storyboard would be a breakdown of this table of contents:


Curiousity in Plastic Moments 

(introducing thesis idea on plastic time and events)


– Exploring Plastic Time

(showing audio walk mapping/material exploration/embedded data/surface relief experiments)


– The Plastic Spectacle : Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

(introducing the parade and the study of its components)


– Macy’s Mausoleum : Narratives of the Eternal,

  the Dead and the Resurrected Parade Collections (still debating on the name)

(for this section i am hoping to introduce my idea of the museum of the present and its manifesto, maybe with some initial idea collages)



I hope this breakdown will be a good lead up to the final design element (exhibit D) and would be a good start to next semester. I think the storyboard is still being adjusted to fit all the precedents and theoretical ideas (it’s a habit for me to write down all my design ideas). As mentioned earlier on in the semester, I am looking at vinyl record sleeve art and merging it with a case file format. Hence explaining each component of the design exploration as case exhibits but with bold pop art-ish graphics. I will be releasing Volume 1 first, and Volume 2 the next semester  (stay tuned!). Here is a screenshot of the portfolio graphic format (work in progress):

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 23.47.33

2 thoughts on “Plasti-city Storyboard

  1. Your thesis and thought process is very interesting… I love the idea of these overtly large characters over the city… and their lifecycles being recorded. This event sort of defines NYC where everything is bigger and better, and it shows a very proud nation that stands and comes together to celebrate the holidays! The parade, as a celebration is interesting itself, but also there is another side to it (the same way in which a record has a side B) and these are the traces and residues, which they leave behind and it may be tangible or intangible. Its fascinating how Macy’s puts on this show every year, despite the economic downturn; etc. Also its intriguing what are the affect the parade has in the area whilst its taking place… with crowds of up to 3 million people and chaotic street closures, what is the burden it places on local residents within the route itself? Does this devalue the areas the parade is on? I think these are questions enquiring the relationship between the parade, Macy’s (as an institution) and the city itself.

    I like how you have organised the EXHIBITS A, B, C and D and I think your critical thinking will really touch on interesting aspects of the parade in your exhibit D. Your storyboard shows a thought through thesis and you seem have a clear and cohesive development throughout your investigations; the exhibits B and C clearly have informed your decisions up to now.
    I’m intrigued to see the development of your thesis and of your museum, as I personally wouldn’t be sure of where and how to attribute a physical home to the museum of present within the parade or even housed within one of the giants – as well as defining what the ‘present is’, as there is past memories which are automatically embedded within the parade itself and the balloons, as these aren’t present characters – Although I could imagine an eccentric billionaire from the Mid West collecting these characters…

    The screen shots you showed for your art covers reminded me of this project from Nick Elias from the Bartlett in 2014, for some reason when I heard the of your Macy’s parade idea and this big balloons floating high above the city, my mind immediately thought of his project called Poohtown. His sets of imagery really shows and cast an eye over the city and the issues…
    I hope this helps on your parade!

    1. Thanks Cris! This has been helpful. I was referring to Nick Elias’ project earlier to see how he framed his design agenda. I am starting to think of the flipside (side b) and effects on the city that you mentioned to the project. I am looking at ways to quantify the information visually as well. That would probably be my next step and also thinking of how to draw perimeters for the museum (which I still do not have a clear direction of). Maybe could be interesting to include that eccentric billionaire from the Mid West as a potential client who would collect all these 😛

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