Portfolio: A Continuous Odyssey

A Continuous Odyssey: The idea of a continuing journey, told though stories and artefacts, bringing us to the always present.

My main portfolio layout has aspects taken from ships’ log books, which relates to how people would have arrived in New York, via the Chelsea Piers. The idea of the journey relates to all aspects of my work so far, just trying to format my work into not only ship’s logs, but also charts and maps that are of a similar nature to those used on vessels etc. This creates ‘The Journey’ as a whole theme, and how journey’s are recorded for the future.

Portfolio Storyboard Layout Blog_15.11.27

Trying to relate the theme to the earlier work and how the idea of ‘the journey’ links us to NYC- hence the idea of the journey to the new world from Europe

Portfolio Pages Blog 15.11.27.

The portfolio pages are some that I have to date, to show the layout more clearly (and are not in the order they will be in the final submission!)






One thought on “Portfolio: A Continuous Odyssey

  1. I think your draft outline of portfolio pages flows really well, I would only say that between page ‘Map to New World’ and ‘Piers: The location of arrival’ is a page that locates the piers in context of New York. It may be that you intend for the page ‘Location of Arrival’ is that. Even just a small thumbnail to locate them in a wider context-New York, Brooklyn, Ocean etc.
    I know you mentioned about having little booklets or physical pieces to play with/touch. It would be really nice to be able to feel the different textures of the pages on the ‘Explain Pages’ page, coud you have little insets of the page or a little hole cut in acetate so the person can touch just that spot, this also then gives a sense of time as the page may change with all the touch.
    The page ‘Present Transatlantic Travel?’ I’m not sure that you need this page unless you feel it will lead into your project now. Interestingly the mention that the Chelsea Piers was once a mecca for the printing and publishing world, this is a fantastic catalyst for you and may relate to your paper and binding work. The people who set off on journeys now (hence your page) from a pier, their journey/vacation trip could be fed into a programme on board which uses real time camera links, twitter comments and so forth, when they return from their journey their printed bound book of their story ready for collection. This would perhaps link history with the present but give a way forward for design in some way.
    The portfolio pages already formatted look good the only queries I have are concerning the sports page and the Gehry Jean Nouvel pages, are they precedents or a lead to the new project?
    The pages you have already it would be great to see some images which show the contrast between the upper class and immigrants. The human scale of the port in terms of the ‘busy’ ness horses, coaches people, the chaos of people trying to sell their shares.
    I love your ship cut in half with the rich become poor vignette, it would be great to see that extracted and blown up.
    I think it is a really exciting project, I look forward to hearing more each week, and the richness of the many levels it has along with the tactile qualities, it will be amazing!

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