Portfolio Storyboard

Sorry for the late update again. Here’s the portfolio storyboard.


The above storyboard is a bit crammed when I looked into it again after it’s done drafted. Hence, the final one would be slightly different. Trying to make the portfolio look as much as a guidebook like the discussed the other day.

One thought on “Portfolio Storyboard

  1. The storyboard has a great narrative going through it, it is a good, logical progression. The guidebook idea is great, but maybe think about the density of content within a guidebook? You’ve said that you think the portfolio will be too crowded, but a lot of guidebooks don’t do white space generally – they cram as much in there as possible. The story board doesn’t feel overcrowded and it might not feel like a guidebook if it’s stripped back more? Of course when the content is placed it might look different, but just looking at the storyboard that’s an initial thought.

    In your answers to Toby’s questions you talk about the importance of layering the information – could that be worked into your portfolio more, through use of trace pages, or compositionally like your photomontages? Another formatting thought – are you dividing the guidebook up at all? Like moving between geographical areas in a regular guidebook, is there a division (ie. colour schemes, formatting styles) within your portfolio which is linked together in an overriding sense – rather than reading it straight through?

    The storyboard looks like a great collection of work – really interested to see it!

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