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I split the portfolio into 2 parts, part A is the theme of  Light and Shadow and part B is focusing on site. I try to start Part A with a clear statement that my research is about light and shadow, due to my models are framing the story between me and Janet Cardiff. So I mention her as an exercise/ workshop to apply my experiments. Basically saying I did a walk and extract the experience into layers to express the time movement (referring to 1st model), and I framed a scenario by using light and shadow with a light box. The idea of light and shadow contain a few of expressions in it, the contrast of light and darkness, the contrast of seen and unseen and the contrast of present and past/fade out. I hope the way I mention Janet Cardiff as an object to present my theme will not confuse audience that I am doing something with Janet.

Part A:
a.Research Topic index, what to explore in research
b. the walk, what to focus -> time movement -> 1st model
c. light box (light and shadow, time movement) model -> material test ->layers -> lighting -> final images
d. Resin sets

Photo Nov 26, 23 39 09    Photo Nov 26, 23 39 31

Part B: site
a. Site map
b. Site intro
c. past and present
d. concept
e. precedents
f. information to support the concept

I am not sure whether I should put the sketchup lighting test into portfolio since it’s more like exploration study material. Here is what I get so far, the first few page of Part A I still have a bit worry my layout will mislead audience to Janet Cardiff.








Capture portfo 1 Capture portfo 2

One thought on “Portfolio storyboard

  1. I personally think by rearranging the sequence of your portfolio will make a big difference of drawing the viewers to your design proposal first. Instead of Part A for the Janet Cardiff’s walk, why not arrange the Part B, which is your proposal to become Part A and Part B as Janet Cardiff’s walk. I understand that your portfolio theme is about flight info pocket, your design proposal can be the duty free magazine with lots of your own creativeness in it whereas the Janet Cardiff’s walk can be a supplementary leaflet like the safety leaflet we have in the airplane.
    There is a nice flow of your Part A portfolio but I think you missed out the president studies that inspired your light box (I saw your post about Michael Murphys’s installation and it didn’t appear in the portfolio). Also through your presentation during cross crit last week, I notice there’s still lack of explanation how you developed from light box to resin sets, how does these two object relate to one another.
    I can’t comment much on your Part B since there isn’t any storyboard or images to support your content. But I agree with you that the sketchup lighting test is more of an exploration study.
    Your concept of light and shadow to frame instances of a journey is something new and interesting. There are many examples of playing light and shadow to form a journey like: http://www.presidentsmedals.com/Entry-34251 and http://www.presidentsmedals.com/Entry-32011 which plays with shadow to create scenes within different spaces.
    You can also look at Francesca Cremasco’s visual experiment on spatial relationship of light and shadow, and how she layout her portfolio with monotonous colours are really interesting as well.

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