“Rhetoric: The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the exploitation of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.” (Oxford Dictionary)

During my cross conversation with Charlotte and Toby, Toby mentioned concept of rhetoric as way i could describe the work. I think this comment was quite useful for my portfolio storyboard.

Rhetoric we using that a lot in architecture. and it must be something in them in the way you describe they you thinking and they you describing your public space

If you take a pragmatic approach of acoustic design and working out what space may be right and what space may inform sound. and another approach of what it has been said and you add another layer to this and it gives you another special way of decision making …” (Toby)

In order to represent the journey of how the study developed from a walk to a pragmatic approach of acoustic design into space, it will will be useful to have a timeline storyboard of how and where it started till the object development. There is many layers of research which are linked on they way how i have taken the inspiration from each development and implied to next study. Therefor, there is a need for mentioning Janet Cardiff audience from the start and then describe how and why I’m exploring the background sounds in the drawing (s).  

The portfolio structure will be based on 3 key questions :

# How the research developed?

# What did I learn from the research, and how I’m going to represent the outcome?
# How did I imply the outcome of the research into physical model, the from, materiality, scale and the use /function.?


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  1. I think your project is quite interesting, I like the idea that you use the mold and cement to tell story and how you test the sound reaction in different forms. The portfolio arrangement is fluent and clear, but just be pay more attention when you start with Janet Cardiff’s walk. Maybe if you mention Janet Cardiff is an exercise for you to do your experiments in the beginning, so audience won’t link up Janet Cardiff to your site? (I’m a bit sensitive on that since I was kinda fall into the trap on tue ;P) I love your tiny models with different forms and last time we hold the models next to our ears to hear the sound. I wonder have you do any sound record with them? I think it may be a good idea to put in some sound records when you do some analysis with them. If I am your audience, when I see those model and read through the analysis, I would be interested to listen how each of them actually sound like.

    I am not sure what material will you consider for your design, but I think this cardboard box may help as inspiration. Maybe you can play with different materials to get different sound absorption and reflection to express (or to confuse people) the distance you try to create.

    I think this one can be referring to your beginning of the project, that how sound react in different size of rooms. From what we heard, is sound reflecting the size of space honestly or is there anyway that can trick our ear and brain? And it would be interesting if you want to do your own series of records.


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