Week 11 : Portfolio Story Board and supporting drawings.

Hello people,

First of all, I would like to ask you guys, have u watched the new Captain America : Civil War? if u haven’t, click the link below.

Okay now I shall start.

  1. So i will start my “studio thesis” or story with the first think that ive thought about this studio’s project. What i want to do is to explore the emotional experience with space which eventually derive to the “EMOTIVE SPACE” concept. This chapter will elaborate the general idea of the project and what im trying to achieve through the vision of the project, the spaces and programs. in other words this chapter will explain about what is Emotive architecture and emotive space.
  2. Alright i think i will explain the content better if you watch my explanation in the link below. enjoy.


portfolio content
storyboard final
portfolio storyboard




10 drawing 2

Times Square Evolution Timeline


drawing 11
times square building analysis
T.S. Layer Exploration 1
T.S. Layer Exploration 2
T.S. Layer Exploration 3



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3 thoughts on “Week 11 : Portfolio Story Board and supporting drawings.

  1. That trailer is epic. Cant wait. Anyways.

    Good touch with the video as well. You looks amazingsss.

    The storyboard looks good. I think starting off with your initial thoughts about the studio theme works well to develop a base for the narrative that will follow.
    Try and think about how it all ties in all together when you reach the bit about the site. Also, testing your device out would be a good page to include.

    Ive already told you how the rest should be.

    See you at home 🙂

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