Incubator for Synthesis

I have put together draft portfolio sheets which follow my projects through to my present site on Coney Island.

I had originally thought of a portfolio in the style of Marcel Duchamp as shown in a previous post, this is something I aim to develop and the portfolio potentially becoming potentially an auction brochure which sits within the ‘Portfolio Performance’.  I call it this because the Portfolio as a physical piece will be interactive, the participants engaging with the Explosion of the Senses, the Object of Intrigue and the Drawing of the Incubator for Synthesis, each piece performing.  This will eventually include Semester 2 work.

This said, my draft portfolio sheets do not resemble an auctioneers brochure! Thinking of Coney Island and its transformation alongside the museum it lends itself to an National Trust/English Heritage/Tourist/Museum Guide…???

Draft Portfolio Maggie

The portfolio sheets are in draft, some images need work, some elements need completing, and text needs to be thoughtfully placed, but the set is as I propose to submit, although the last two pages may not be.

The physical interactive objects (which is all three projects) would perhaps be better presented as film/animation, although inital trials with a human are not proving successful.  To do an animation without a human seems contrary to the ‘interactive’ experience but would perhaps show off the objects in their most complete form. Alternatively as Ronnie said during Cross Crit, just submit all of them physically… not sure if that is a realistic possibility, but great if it is!

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  1. Looking really good! I’m really interested in your theme of Innovation and exploring the senses. It will be interesting to see how this expands throughout the project.

    It’s really great that you have so much work formatted already, and the idea of the brochure or auctioneers magazine to explain the cabinet of curiosities is a really nice idea. As you said, it would be good to try and make the rest of the portfolio look in that format, so the project is read as one entity, and the cabinet doesn’t become disassociated with the rest of the project. Ask Danielle & Manijeh to bring in the brochure we were given from the Mmuseumm in New York- it might give you some ideas of how to categorise and list the objects.

    I know you’ve had issues with the film for the cabinet- have you tried a stop motion version? I think it would really help bring the cabinet to life and make it less of a flat object and more of an investigation/ user experience. I know it is time consuming, but I think it will help explain the idea better. This video I saw ( brings everyday objects to life and tells a story of the objects which makes them less inanimate, and allows the viewer to interact with them. (Beware- you might want to mute it- the music is very annoying!)

    In the portfolio layout, as Danielle & Manijeh have said, it would be nice if you started with the introduction of your theme and laid the portfolio out from there. Show how the walk though whitechapel relates to your theme and what you further discovered through the walk about your theme. For me, I missed the Innovation theme, so maybe this needs to be stronger or stated at the beginning of the project to plant the thesis in the readers mind so that it can develop through their portfolio exploration. I would also not allow yourself to become constrained by the page size- allow the project to flow across the pages rather than being labelled and categorized onto one sheet- maybe rethink the numbering process in the title and whether this is needed? (also maybe think about removing the name label on every page, it will give you more space to showcase all your great work!) Your really nice maps and hand drawings should be shown off (Including cabinet design), so maybe make some of these bigger as they contribute to your ideas and tell the process. Similarly your drawing of the Incubator for synthesis is really intriguing, so make this a really important page, where the sole focus of the readers attention is on the drawing, not on the smaller pictures around it- they can be moved to another page?

    There are some interesting precedents on architecture for the senses, which might help you start to think about how your theme relates to the proposed museum- look at architects who explore and innovately use materials in their buildings, and how this provokes reaction from the users. As Coney Island is your site- a minefield of senses- how do your spacial and aesthetic qualities relate to that? (That’s probably next semester work!)

    In all, I think its a really intersting project and I’m excited to see how it will develop over next semester!

    (Also, I’m not sure if this is right, but is the Coade stone testing part of your tech assignment? I remember Charles saying the tech is the process and the portfolio is the finished product? (I’m not sure what your tech is!) But maybe some of the pages on the coade stone testing would not be in the portfolio, but in the tech assignment? But then if your theme is partly innovation, I don’t know, maybe double check…. :))

  2. Cris has the unit copy of the Mmuseumm catalogue I think – its a good suggestion from Elyssa for a portfolio format that can reveal your object-based narratives. Just email him and ask him to bring it in on Tuesday.

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