Hi Bert

Apologies for the late post. I truly apologize.

Heres what ive done so far.

The narrative is in the form of a story. Characters, plots everything.

It follows chronologically, but thats because its the best flow for my project. If youve got any ideas then go ahead.



The text needs to go in.

Well, you know my project, just see if it ties in. 🙂



One thought on “Hi Bert

  1. What took you so long??

    Well. interesting way of telling the story of your project. It would be more interesting if the plots themselves are the cause of the existence or creation of your device and etc. You need to justify every existence of product from the project to the relevance of your plot.

    As for your portfolio, I like the composition of it, the way you manipulate the white space for every page, which makes the content that you want to show to be in focus.

    All in all, great job so far, keep it up, im looking forward to see the story and plot of your portfolio.

    Thank you.

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