Material Instability – The Art Preservation Index

This is an interesting news story on how material deterioration and technological obsolescence could affect the monetary value of art. It suggests that by providing a rating on an artwork’s durability through time collectors will be able to assess whether or not the work will be a good investment, i.e. is it going to ‘last’ in its original form, or will further investment be needed in preservation to hold the work still in time.

a low rating “could lower the value of works of art. But on the other hand it could also raise the value of many. It could be a huge selling point to say something is rated AAA. If collectors start demanding this information, the auction houses will have to include it.” 



This might be interesting to a few of you who are looking at material change and atrophy.


(the image is of a work by Eva Hesse who used latex in her sculpture which is now deteriorating)

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