Pre-Semester Post – Overviewing Portfolio Feedback and General Brief Idea

Hello guys.. Happy New Year! hope everyone’s alright and happy.


So,just got back from Malaysia few days ago, have been reviewing the portfolio and tech submission. Lots of amendments need to be done technically and conceptually and still struggling on them. am gonna focus more on the layering of TS physically and “emotionally” as they’re the main part of the concept.


General Brief Idea


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Went to the Lumiere Festival London on its last day of exhibition. Was really captured with all the works and installations by 30 different artists. the event was organised by Artichoke and was held for four evenings. The thing from this festival that im interested in is actually the way they’ve stretched and distributed all the 30 works around central London. In a way, this festival/exhibition has made itself to be part of London and served as “layer” of London; physically and “emotionally”.

Having an interactive structure or program was the initial idea for the “museum” since the first week, and by distributing these interactive installations (that serves specific purpose to the people in TS) all over TS, this “Emotion Museum” will have no specific site and indirectly making TS as the museum itself.

I’m still looking into the idea and currently focusing more on repairing the story and concept of the Emotive Architecture. Am really looking forward to see you guys on the 29th.



One thought on “Pre-Semester Post – Overviewing Portfolio Feedback and General Brief Idea

  1. The Lumiere festival is an interesting reference especially when you look at how successfully these sculptures were received by the general public, judging by their dominant presence on social media. Using that as an index, the most successful sculpture was definitely the one above Oxford Circus, which is a good signifier of how site and installation co-relate, which you can then apply to your site – Times Square. I think you should start developing a strategy for what exactly you want to communicate about emotion on site, and then start to think about where your interventions would be most successful/ impactful. How are you redefining the museum within an extremely public exterior space? And how does emotion suddenly become a tangible, collective experience? An interesting reference, but please bring new work to show us on the 29th – you have a lot to do in terms of portfolio and technology – perhaps thinking of your project in terms of layers as you have described above is a good thing since it will mean you have to understand the existing as a series of layers that you then add your layers of emotion, installation, light etc on top of. Perhaps start by making a drawing of these layers in Times Square, existing and proposed? It will then be interesting to add the layer of how your intervention is perceived…

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