During the break

I am working on a several things during the break.

  1. I am doing some research for my proposal about the New York agriculture, including the growing capacity, the supply and demand of planting food. I am also looking for some organic farm operation and try to understand more about the potential of applying urban farm in to my site.
  2. according to the feedback, the relationship between the abandoned sugar factory and the idea of urban farm need to be reinforced
  3. ideas and information about the urban farm and how it relate to its surrounding and NY
  4. finishing up “In Praise of Shadow”, a book talks about light and shadow, shading and our daily life in a poetic way. The author wrote about how light comes into a room with different lighting and reflecting levels depends on the materials such as paper door or bamboo mat on floor. He also mention the traditional Japanese furniture or room decorations are designed to be use in the shaded room and how the artist made those furniture to reflect light or turn the light into soft and poetic. The book describe a lot on what kind of environment is human friendly with specific lighting levels (not in physical but mentally), it contains a few scenes talks about how artist made the light or shades more enjoyable with the art work they made. I am still digesting the information from it and figuring how to apply into my project

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