January update

During the break, I’ve updated portfolio and including more information from some reading.

According to New York Creative report written by The centre of an Urban Future, it reveals that:

Brooklyn that is currently seeing the most rapid growth in terms of its creative workforce. In particular it shows that Brooklyn added more jobs and businesses to the creative sector than any other borough during the past decade, with the number of creative organisations in the borough jumping by 125 percent and creative sector employment increasing by 60 percent. Brooklyn’s creative workforce grew from 18,851 in 2003 to 30,140 in 2013. It is also interesting to read that, like many other economies around the world, traditional economic drivers like finance and legal services have stagnated in recent years in NYC, according to the Center for the Urban Future, whilst employment in the creative economy has soared over the past decade.

I started reading some biography of Brooklyn creative people, understanding their work habit and how they find living in Brooklyn.

Osamu Kobayashi

“Like many artists, I wanted to be a part of the art discourse. Living in Brooklyn has allowed me to engage with the artists I admire, see their work, and attend the art events I find important. Unfortunately, the most significant change in Brooklyn since I’ve been here is a continuing and detrimental one, and that is the rising cost of rent. Seeing good artists having to cut back on their studio practice or leave NY altogether is a serious blow to the art community here. I for one was forced out of my studio after my lease was cut short and had to work out of a couple of temporary spaces for over a year. It was a really disruptive period for me.”

Then I’ve looked into how art organisation in Brooklyn are helping artists provide temporary art studio spaces for artists. The rental ranging from $180 ~$400, which is eight times cheaper from the rents in DUMBO.


Currently I’m reading an article “A Way Artist Can Live”. It is an experimental project describing a group of creative people rented a 2-storey apartment and used the co-op strategy to cover up their rent. And within a year, with all the hassle of renovation the group manage to finish their work (I’ve read that with so many part time jobs, artists hardly have time to focus on their artwork), promote and earn money.


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