Some references after tutorials today…

For Cris (the tourist map presentation I mentioned today that you could appropriate for your postcard drawings):

For Dave (The Ingot by Jack Self, a project that manifests intangible factors like time, space and money to create low-cost housing – could be an interesting reference for you):

For Anoovab/Catherine (lecture video by Alex Chinneck – building the unbuildable/ material change):

For Elyssa (Flash Boys – a book about the lengths traders will go to to get a speed advantage):

For Solaf (an interesting exhibition on the Freedom of Speech by Forensic Architecture):
and a New York based competition on the same topic!

For Bert (a critique of smart cities in the Guardian):

For Dale (an analysis of a film by Chantal Akerman that shows three days in the film simultaneously to reveal “visual patterns and temporal rhythms’):

For Inez (an interesting article about plastic as a Modern Material from the met):

and some diagrams one of my students last year made about plastics in the context of material evolution:

Excerpt from Emily Hayden's TS submission
Excerpt from Emily Hayden’s TS submission


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