‘Crit Thoughts,’ or, ‘The Flat is Soldery Again’

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Sorry to hear about your accident Manijeh, I hope you’re feeling better very soon! I really enjoyed the Ingot reference you uploaded; I thought that the proposal reflected a real clarity of thought that has made me think a lot about the direction of my own project. After the crits on Tuesday, I feel I have arrived at a point where I could take the work forward in maybe two ways:

One would be to adopt the proposal by Herzog & de Meuron as an object to react against through parasitisation of and de-programming by a second intervention of a comparable scale. I think it was Max maybe who brought up the topic of the Occupy movement. I feel the reason this failed was the impossibility of a sufficiently aggressive form of protest that was received with indifference by it’s target audience; too passive, too easy to ignore and relegated to stages removed from the source of private realms of (in that instance) the traders. The construction of a building might be considered a more disruptive act and therefore more likely to illicit change.

The second route I see would be to develop an alternative proposal for the site that transplanted the architecture of the Projects to Billionaire’s Row, perhaps as a means to locate a social program in an area of high-land value. This seemed to be what was being alluded to by yourselves and the other critics in the review. After looking at Jack’s work, I can imagine how this might be manifest as a mute form, Harlem-esque, perhaps with an unexpected form of Uncanny hybridisation taking place within, cutting through the building (and introducing a dualistic program?).

I think both could be potentially interesting projects; the first perhaps a more polemic proposal, potentially difficult to resolve, and the second more architecturally-exciting and technically rigorous. I guess these are just my initial responses, but at the moment I feel like I’m leaning towards the second option… The one thing I do feel relatively sure of is that 36 Central Park South should be the location of the proposal – the occupation of Central Park seems to me to be a form of retreat from the ‘scene of the crime’; from the hostile private realm to the neutrality of the public sphere which is already in the hands of ‘the people’.

In the last couple of days I have begun to develop the speculative drawings into a three-dimensional model which I plan to use as the basis for further drawings that become more spatial. It’s taking me longer than I expected but I want to make something better than the models I produced in first semester.

I hope some of this makes sense and thanks for arranging such a brilliant selection of tutors to come and look at our work!

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