Post-Crit Update

Following on from the crit, which I personally feel didn’t go very well, as I was unable to fully explain my thought process and idea for the museum, which led to confusion about what my project is about. As I didn’t have a clear idea about what I wanted the museum to exhibit, I found the feedback and comments somewhat confusing and am finding it difficult to relate to all my earlier work. That being said, I have tried to make sense of what the museum will be relating to the present. I should have chosen something more tangeable….


There are 2/3 themes which I feel came up most in the crit, the idea of speed, the instant/realtime and that of trade. Whether they are related or not, I don’t know.


  • A museum of trade would work with the chelsea area, as historically it had a huge manufacturing industry. The piers allowed trade to happen across the atlantic and beyond. The link with the Berengaria introduces offshore trading through the floating stock exchange. The power of the stock exchange in NYC was responsible for the way NY is today due to its crash in 1929. Trade has changed from the physical to digital. The piers create a gateway between the island and the world, the boat an offshore island.
  • A museum of speed/ an instant. Realtes to the speed of which data transfers have changed over time. Collecting real-time information, which would be difficult without a digital element to the museum, which I think would be difficult to reaslise without it being a empty space full of screens. It could relate to what we were talking about last friday about speed in everyday life- planes etc. but I’m not sure if I could realise a whole project with just this element.


Not sure where to go from here…


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