Crit Feedback + Plans

After the crit which i feel didnt go to well but it did make me rethink a couple of things. Ideas such as reinventing the past, rebuilding the unbuilt were some ideas which stood out. Ive decided to take a small step back and reassess where it could go from here. Im in the process of studying the site more indepth which im sure would lead me to an interesting standpoint.

Ive checked out the Alex Chinneck lecture, which i found very interesting, especially the way with which he addresses the site and its demographics. How he uses an indepth study of the site to get to his design conception. Something i find myself skipping quite often. Although ive looked into the factual and fictional elements of the site in the first semester, ive decided to uncover more of the layers of the site first and then use that information to help me come up with a programme. Last week i was thinking too much about the end product.

The ideas given about Dogville, Museum of Jurassic Technology, Dismaland  are pretty helpful and im starting to draw out a couple of ideas over the next few days.

The very vague idea ive got at the moment is something that seems to have risen out/born out of the site rather than just plonked on. This is something Alex Chinneck always addresses. So far its just in my head and i havent yet drawn it out. But im still in process of researching and uncovering more about my site and drawings those on. Ive come across this article which states the entire journey of Marine Park –

I am aiming for something thats not too literal.

The following images are the progress ive made on the plans. The annotations havent gone in yet. Just to show what ive done, and where im going.


The annotations and explanations still have to go in, at the moment its pretty confusing without them.


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