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Since Tuesday, I have been thinking about a few main themes that could start shape the project architecturally. I like the comments that were given during the discussion and the questions that were asked are the same ones I have been trying to answer before. Here are the points that I am beginning to think about:

  • Augmenting the parade – Is your project something that aids the existing parade or is the project the parade? And if so, what is the parade doing? How will it work in terms of a museum? How can you curate in a different manner that will show the museum as presently changing/adapting/interacting?
  • What is the duration of your museum? Could the museum move as a self-repairing parade? How would the parts come together and break apart when not needed?
  • How can the museum let its viewers come to terms with death, resurrection and immortality?
  • How can you further hybridised the idea of traditional religious beliefs/strategy with pop cultural propagation?
  • What form will this ultimately take? How would the architecture begin to show death, resurrection and immortality? How would you draw that?

I am thinking about the parade as the museum but i am still unsure about what it will do. I am thinking of how museums work today and there is something quite linear and orthodox about how it collects and display; information is still transferred in one direction (viewer vs object). I think with the parade a small part of it allows the public to be involved with the making processes (balloon inflation party etc) but on the parade day itself, it still works in that linear manner (viewer vs object). I am thinking if maybe my museum of the present could do more? Maybe something more inclusive and interactive. I think Helen brought up a very good question about how does this museum curate, as with institutional museums, once an object is acquired and removed from its original context and timeline, it is ‘dead’ in the sense. How would it work the parade is something I am currently trying to figure out. This will work hand in hand with determining the duration of the museum as well. I am still working on the 364 days calendar and hopefully have this on Tuesday to start looking at how I can determine the timeline of this orchestrated museum.

I think for my fourth and fifth points above, I am going to build my evidence case file against Macy’s and come in really strong to show the company’s scheme (like how some people online are trying to prove that Lady Gaga and Beyonce are the Illuminati). I found this article that talks about how Thanksgiving is the Holy Day of Consumerism (, pretty interesting to bring these themes together. And also I found a really funny parody article online about the 7 ways to be immortal and I think it would be quite cheeky to do one for my project regarding Macy’s:


  1. Start by wishing for it (Greater Macy’s).


2. Consume innocents (the citizens of New York).


3. Please a God (the God of Consumerism).


4. Remove a vital organ or sacrifice a live animal (This is Banksy’s take on dying for consumerism).


5. Alchemy

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 16.18.41

6. Clones


7. Become a fan favourite.

I will be doing some diagrams for this just to include in the evidences. I reformatted my contents page before the presentation on Tuesday but I was so nervous that I did not introduce the chapters properly. Here is the breakdown of the current project narrative:

  1. Macy’s Paradise of Consumption; We Have Decided Not To Die.
  2. The Elixir of Life; Recipes for Immortality.
  3. The Eternal Recurrence; The Ghost in the Machine
  4. Forever is Only the Beginning; The Museum of ____?___ (Still yet to fill in the blank for this one)
  5. Constructing Death, Resurrection and Immortality

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