post crit thoughts

Following the review from Tuesday, I think my brief wasn’t persuasive/strong enough to convince the crit. The following question have yet to be solved:

i) Cross programming: Allow more flexibility in the design scheme that could benefit not only the artists but also the lower income community. I think it is a good suggestion but I will put focus on the creative community since the main reason of choosing DUMBO as my site is circulating around the artist gentrification issue. Also, because they work artistically, I think this will provide a good view for the existing resident when the building is covered by scaffolding. But I imagine the brief could benefit other lower income community since living spaces are almost the same.

ii) Character: Existing wealthy resident/office staff, inspection team, creative people.

Existing resident vs. Creative community: Although the artist are overtaking the building like a parasite but within 5 years time when the scaffolding are being raised, the artist are providing an alternative view for them. It makes me think of  the Mmuseumm we visited in New York. Also I’m imagining that the scaffolding quarters will eventually be linked together and pockets of public spaces will create more opportunity for interaction. Hence, I don’t really think the existing residents are at the loss side.

Inspection team: Immediately after the review, I thought of making use of the existing scaffolding route that I have patterned out to create a above ground circulation whereby the inspection would cross over building blocks which is an easier alternative as compared to the current inspection process.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.08.47 AM

iii) Promoting/providing alternative/discouraging gentrification: Good question and has not been brought up to discuss yet. I suggest that this proposal is inclined towards providing an alternative to gentrification. Gentrification of artists somehow becomes a natural phenomenon however in DUMBO (not sure about other places), I’ve read that developers are aware of the importance of artists and are providing limited studio spaces to artists to live+work here to sustain the artistic culture of DUMBO. However I felt this is unfair and should be put to a stop.

iv) Other material consideration. This will be further developed once the brief is fully confirmed.

I’ve noticed that the leaflet that I’ve shown for the material received a good respond from the crits and will definitely produce other leaflet as suggested like a manual on how to adapt to the scaffolding space.

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