Week 1 : Post Crit Feedback

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So basically, there are too much going on in my project. The main problem is that the project’s objective is very broad and general. After having dialogues with the¬†guest¬†crits, i need to narrow down the project’s objective so that it actually serves the people and not just as an entity in Times Square. Also i will narrow down the solution since i have too many elements of Times Square to be taken account to. i.e, using just the light and billboard layers as the main tool to express the “emotion” of Times Square. I will also do some research on the methodology to transfer the people’s emotion and response to the project. For instance, using Social media or online real time data like the Museum of Feelings applied in the project.In short, I’ll simplify the project in terms of its design solution and objective and will explore the physical state in relation of the programs through the site plan drawings and etc. Thats for all so far i think.

Thank you.

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