Since the tutorial I have had a go at the conceptual collage:


16-02-11 A3 collage tank page 002

This is following my current thoughts of creating ‘tanks’ for the experiences, situated within the voids between the main concourse and the waiting room to combine them. The space between the columns is similar to some of the windows on the waiting room, and will incorporate walkways like the arch windows at the ends of the main concourse. The intensity of the tanks (as they are the holding before the experiences are released into the main concourse for proper implementation) could be a way of fulfilling the mega pause? Maybe.

The suggestion at the tutorial of the weather being carried away on the trains is great and one I’m running with. I’d been thinking of how to site the experience at other localities within the city, but this retains the site specific nature of the haze whilst allowing dispersal from the epicenter of Grand Central.

Hopefully that’s all clear in the collage. The tanks may change or develop – but for now that’s where my vision is! (Or has been since the tutorials). I’m going to work on actual practicalities of this and the small detail next (if the tanks were used, how would the smoke machines be positioned if it’s suppose to be released from the tank? How can I ensure the smoke is at floor level? Or are the tanks a visual predecessor for the event happening within the concourse?)

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  1. It will be good to see your drawings of the tanks proposal to better understand how you would intend these to be and what kind of experience they would create.

    The collage is a good start but you can keep working at it to get it to do more for you. The subway map lines trailing down the passageway are a nice moment and the meander of the line starts to create an idea of something moving slowly at low level. Can you show more of the movement and transition of your environments? It would be nice to get a sense of how the haze might obscure and selectively frame parts of the station. Here is also the opportunity to play with how it might feel to have these transient atmospheres against the ‘permanence’ of the station architecture. By putting the heaviness of the architecture against the various opacities of the atmospheres what do you highlight about the materiality and transience of each?

    Perhaps a couple of collages at different scales would be good, to show moments in the station’s interior against the atmospheres creeping and billowing through Manhattan.

    Leigh Wells creates collages that I think nicely describe weight and texture. The ’tempest’ series might be suggestive. (Also landscapes, vaporise, and remains)
    (Tempest of course being a sublime kind of weather itself)!

    And here a strangeness of environment:

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