LES Hybrid – Drawing/ Collage

For my conceptual drawing, I want to hybridise (is that even a word?) my drawing!!! I’m looking at layering the existing fabric/textures of the site three-dimensionally and then adding to this layers my ‘interventions’/ ‘beacons’  and Stairs- as I envisage…. I also see this as an opportunity for the drawing/ collage to fold/ unfold, so I can add more non-static elements/constructs to the collage – bringing back my initial theory of the “Architecture as a Silent Witness”.

Also, this should allow me to study possible forms and shapes more 3-dimensionally, as Im trying to diverge from a ‘standard’ staircase and introduce lightweight elements and structures to this constructs.

I apologise for the quality of the images, as my lighting is very poor at night!

IMG_4971 IMG_4960



One thought on “LES Hybrid – Drawing/ Collage

  1. Great idea to make a 3D drawing so you can map all the forces at play on-site! As you develop it maybe you use a different (more transparent?) material to highlight intangible but important preserved elements that you are collecting such as views, atmosphere etc? This could be a good way to identify the uncollectible nature of the project and how it relates to its architectural backdrop.
    This could be an interesting reference in terms of technique, which is a project a friend of mine did a few years ago: http://pr2014.aaschool.ac.uk/DIP-09/Anny-Stephanou – her palette is similar to yours and she used the axonometric to be able to construct almost puzzle pieces in layers so her flat world was continually altered to become 3D.
    Also it might also be good to start thinking about your stair detail – not as a whole stair but maybe more at the human scale in terms of the single tread, how that meets your chosen site and develops into another tread – what material, structural and environmental factors do you need to consider, how can you develop a style for drawing your technical details similar to those you have already done for your project? How does the narrative or uncollectible element start to be shown at different scales?

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