The removable stock exchange

Leading on from tutorials on tuesday, I have started drawing the information and reserach that I have done on the NYSE.

With the understanding that most of the trades on the NYSE floor happen electronically, (with a few still traded by hand) the main servers based in Mahwah, NJ, I could propse to make the museum the stock exchange by moving it from its location on wall st to represent the present on the pier. The interest in geographical location on the piers means it is closer to the servers in NY and looks down towards the opening of the Hudson riverĀ  to the atlantic.

I’ve drawn the relationship between these places to show the location.

NYSE Location Drawing


I also did some research into the closures of the NYSE to see if/how these affect its position in the economy. I divided the drawings into two, one showing no.of days the NYSE is closed for by world-changing or similar events that affect its trade, the other shows hours/minutes the trading stops for caused by digital or system failures. I like the way these graphs are drawn, with have a familiarity to stocks being traded.

NYSE Closures Historical Events

NYSE Closures Digital Issues

Whilst researching these events that have closed the NYSE, I found this graph from May 6th 2010, where a flash crash caused the circuit breaker to make all trading stop. Looking at this graph reminded me of my chelsea pier site in its form, which relates to the language I can use in the design.



I’m going to continue turning my research into drawings and look at structure, the site itself and a collage for Tutorials.


One thought on “The removable stock exchange

  1. The additional information that you are uncovering is great and it is really good that you are visualising this research.

    Why would moving the SE to the piers represent the present? The relocation of the SE as an interesting proposition and could form a basis for your proposal, as you seem to suggest. If it were to be moved and relocated following what the SE needs to be now, what would the SE become? What would it be (or be reduced to) architecturally? How long does it take relocate, reflecting on the graphs you have created – what impact does this have on trade?

    To stick to your site and give yourself a constraint, what would moving the SE to the pier make the SE become in response to what it needs now, and what would the argument be for moving it to the pier?

    Looking forward to seeing how this idea develops for Tuesday. Maybe use the collage(s) to think through various scenarios of what the SE needs to be now, exposing the data transfers, the server sheds, etc.

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