Week 3 : Emotive Space Project Brief / Concept.


So basically i pretty much have a basic general idea for the brief.

The main aim of the project is to make Times Square as a beacon that indicates the emotional state of New York /Manhattan/US/World using collective emotive responses through real-time data or any trending events as the catalyst. These responses are then collected and will be represented through several emotive spaces. In order to obtain or collect the emotive responses, the content of the these spaces will evoke specific emotional responses. In other words, the emotive spaces have 2 purposes; to create and evoke specific emotional responses from the public and also as units that contribute to the overall response of the project.

Based on the above statement and after having some conversations with myself, I’ve listed a few questions and issues to solve the monotonous objective.

  • How to represent or indicate the emotional response of the site?
  • What exactly it will indicate or represent?
  • is there any social contribution?
  • is it just a loop of emotional change in NY?
  • How can the project relates to current issues and events and indirectly be legit project through out time or in the future?
  • What is the content of the emotive spaces if the project is responsive to current events and issues?

Rather than just being a single loop project, the project will divided into two themes that are based on the same context. First, having permanent and more general emotive responses, as stated in the first paragraph, and second having responses based on what’s trending in New York or worldwide. As to counter the theme of Museum of the Present, the project will both represent the symbolism of  Times Square through its precedented  history and characteristics, and the elements of the modern age that creates Times Square as it is now. The first section of the project will have emotive spaces that are permanent and are solely based on the Physical layer of T.S while the second part of the project will spaces that responds to current trending issues and events. by having these 2 parts, the emotional responses will not just be based on T.S.’s characteristics and history but also response and explore of today’s issue and event which makes the project relevant in the present and the future. Since the site has almost more than 500,000 people crossing each day, this project could be not just as a medium to provide information but also to engage with them.

These are some images that i created for the crit in Week 1 showing the vision of the project. Since Times Square is not a small site, I would like the project to be in a more of an urban scale.1 2





As for the execution, like we’ve discussed last Tuesday, the project will exploit and use the element of light and colours to represent and symbolise the emotional response, since they are the most prominent layers of T.S. With hundreds of billboards in T.S. the project execution would be easily achieved. For next Tuesday’s tutorial session with the S.E. , I will explore more on the structure of LCD, Thermochromic-based architecture and the lighting effects in terms of emotion. (which a continuation of the exploration study)

tc 1LC1-1
LC 2

TC 2





2 thoughts on “Week 3 : Emotive Space Project Brief / Concept.

  1. There are still some basic things to be worked out but you are starting to pose the right questions.

    Still to be resolved: how are you gathering the emotion data that will trigger the changes in TS? Does this rely on people wearing your GSR unit or does it pick up on news and social media? You suggest the latter. How will you analyse this for emotion?

    There still seems to be a confusion about what is affecting what. You say that TS will indicate the emotional state of your triggers (e.g. people of Manhattan) but also that your spaces will evoke specific emotional responses. This is the danger of the loop that we have discussed. How will the spaces have the 2 purposes that you speak about and still function?

    Answer this: If Manhattan is feeling X emotion what happens to the light in TS?
    Does this lighting condition then have an affect on the emotions of people in TS?
    If it does, is it an effect that replicates emotion X? (If so, why if that is what ‘Manhattan’ is already feeling)?
    Or is it an effect that counteracts X emotion, such as turning anxiety into calm. If this is the plan then does it also work the other way around? If Manhattan is feeling calm does TS make them feel anxious? Ask yourself what the motive would be in this.

    The questions you pose are useful and will help you work through these issues and refine your statement in the first paragraph which you will find is still problematic. Work through those questions and you will get there. Once this is clear you can think about the additional complexity of the two layers that you propose.

    The drawings are good in that they start to show the scale of the experience of TS. Daylight and shade are shown quite starkly. If light is your material what is the place of daylight? Do your light interventions operate both day and night? How does this change their impact? Do you wish to transform areas of shade or is it important that there is such variation in the experience of the light in TS?

    To move the project beyond a potential study of colour and emotion you should be looking into the types and frequencies of light that affect emotion which suggests looking beyond LCD and into the kind of light used in light therapies, for example, which work in relation to the replication of sunlight, production of melatonin, etc.

    It would be good to make a couple of drawings that show the phases of changing light and the user relationship to this. Have this for Tuesday to help answer some of the existing questions.

    What are the structures? Are these platforms or shades? What role do they play in your scheme? Are they lifting people away from the crowds? Closer to the light sources? Are they creating a condition of exposure and shade, as an additional manipulation of the lighting condition?

    For the structures tutorial have a clear idea of how these platforms are functioning so you can talk about what you want them to do. It will also be useful to draw a detail of how the light sources attach to the buildings. You could start with the existing LCDs and from there investigate how you can bring in other light sources.

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