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Ive been working on the mapping exercises and started uncovering layers of fiction and fact. The book ‘Everything in Life is as much Fiction as it is Fact’. and it has helped me through a couple of things. The book mainly involves Cinematic Architecture and what cinematic architecture consists of, and what defines it. It talks abou ta static situation that evolves in time through process of memory, time,journey, cities etc.Of how physical space unfolds possible events in time and space.

I havent finished the read yet, but its has given me a direction towards where i feel my project would be headed. Since last week i was talking about how isolated the place is and how i want people to come in, ive come to a standpoint where i want to find sort of a midpoint between the two. Sort of between total isolation and large crowds. Constant activity but because the site is surrounded by almost all residential houses we wouldnt want to disturb them. From here ive moved onto what actually defines the  boundary between what is fact and what is fiction and applid/added this onto my criteria that i created in the first semester.

The general programme which is still under work, is not to follow the generalized definition of what a museum is but rather create the design in such a way that the architecture itself is an exhibit and potrays the feeling of impermanence and incompletion where the the mind is used to build up the remaining. Something thats half way there and the remaining bit is built up using ones imagination/creation. So the bit that is built on site we can take as fact, the other part that isnt or the part thats made up by different individuals is fictional.

Based on schedule of accomodation i am still trying to find out areas/fields in which there is a direct deliverance or people that help create/make something that transitions itself from fact into fiction or reverse. (I need to be more articulate about how i explain this if im honest, but im getting there) Also the other thing is using the site elements to infrom the programme, again something im drawing up. Choreographed or Unchoreographed motion is something im looking into as well.

Also for tuesday, im developing a personal design brief which would redefine what a museum is for me and detail everything else and explain things like where does the architecture end, or does it end at all.

Im working on the collage at the moment.

The plans/details ive done so far:

The first one unravels the fictions on the site.

And the second one details a section of the landscape where the bridge used to exist but now only the structure is left.

Plan & Detail

The entire proposal would revolve around softening the borders between Fact & Fiction, imagination, body and the environment.


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  1. Good start to the drawings but start to zoom in even more for the detail to really look at what the experience will be like at the human scale – i.e. in their immediate environment, what do they walk on, touch, see in front of them etc. As discussed on Tuesday, the site has the potential to be a sort of apocalyptic anti-theme park like Dismaland: that comments on American society and these film-set towns etc that were discussed at your crit. The main challenge of the project is to understand what minimal structures, objects and experiences you need to construct as fact in order to allow fiction to take hold of our imaginations – it will then allow you to define the boundary between the two and these built constructs will serve as the anchors that were mentioned at the crit that will root you in reality while allowing you to understand this largely fictive landscape.
    Glad you are reading Pascal Schöning’s Cinematic Architecture book on Fact and Fiction – there are two more in the series and also this book might be a good read too once you’re finished: Short Stories: London in Two and a Half Dimensions by CJ Lim and Ed Liu – it looks at how fact and fiction are combined in a series of sites across London and how well-known fictions can be re-read when applied to a specific site:

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