Urbicande’s Megastructure – Jia Sze – Reminded me of your Structures

Jia Sze – saw this and reminded me of your structures – not sure if you have seen this before – just in case here it is!



La fièvre d’Urbicande (Urbicande’s fever. 1985) by François Schuiten and Benoît PeetersUrbicande is the name of the city in which the story occurs. One day a small cube made out of a mysterious material grows and form a three dimensional grid that the city soon calls “The Network.” The latter soon reaches a size which implements many bridges between the two parts of the city that were segregated from each other. Taking advantage of the megastructure it embodies, urbicande’s citizens appropriate the network and build various architectures that diversifies the urban programs (promenades, agriculture, brothels etc.) and the way they register spatially. The megastructure exists as a relatively neutral object, which can be eventually invested by a variety of architectural languages.




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