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16.02.16 Poorly Post

Drawing Model
Drawing becomes model

Uncanny Drawing Draft
Uncanny Drawing (draft) – needs drawing in to and more ideas to communicate.

Mobile Welding Sheds
By elevating the production line might the existing programme of Central Park be preserved?

One thought on “16.02.16 Poorly Post

  1. Hi Dave, thanks for posting despite feeling ill. The film of your model has alot of interesting qualities but I’m still not quite sure yet what the model is meant to express. I liked the part where the model starts to align to the view of East Harlem but how does this wireframe language start to translate one neighbourhood into another? Does the materiality change as it shifts as a parasite from the Park Lane Hotel to one of the housing project towers? Whats the programme of this intervention? What is it meant to make us see? While its very clear how the model relates to the drawings it still unclear how either relates to the more specific drawings and diagrams of the site and the overall condition you are working with – be more explicit about what exactly this wireframe language is, and what you hope it will achieve.
    We spoke last week about you not wanting the project to become too literal – i.e. an assembly line running through the park constructing the tower from elements of East Harlem but what’s the less literal version of this? Fibre optic cables for the money transfer to be made rapidly from one side to the other? How do you spatialise an assembly line of capital, ideology and social disparity? Keep going with developing these ideas but please try to use the captions, annotations and descriptions to give us more of an idea of where this could go/ why its important/ how it relates to the context.

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