More site analysis and precedent for my proposal

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Here is two pdf document of my work progress after last weeks studio session. I’ve focused more on collecting info for my project and the brief, and precedence of form and shapes that inform sound performance within outdoor civic rooms.

With these site analysis I’ve started to putting together what/how my brief of the museum of present will be. I’m working on a intervention for Union Square that could benefit from mon ore active and interactive social or political engagement.

For Friday I’m aiming to produce some sketch models of how I would like identify the museum on the site. These sketch models will explain the scale, function and location on the site will be.

Pre.studies 1

pre.studies 2

Site analysis 1

One thought on “More site analysis and precedent for my proposal

  1. The precedents are good to begin thinking of how you can optimise sound for different locations through structure. It is interesting how the Tuballoon can be tuned for different kinds of sounds, what are the different scenarios that you would want such a structure on Union Sq to broadcast? Would you need something that can operate for both speeches and musical concerts / conversations and individual addresses? The Tuballoon projects into the townscape, this is something that you should specifically investigate – with help from Charles and Colin – how far do you want to broadcast? In a particular direction? Can you project clear speech half a mile, quarter of a mile from Union Square?

    The precedents are striking in that they share a similar aesthetic and relationship to their site, I.e. being something quite other to it, declaring other-ness. Your proposal is to enhance activity that is already on your site and so do you work with the existing built topography or materiality?

    The Flanagan Lawrence structure addresses the audience in a sunken area, it would be good to know if this enhances its efficacy. Look at other sunken or contained precedents, such as natural and built amphitheatres. Do the walls of your civic room or other areas demarcated within Union sq suggest spaces that can be sunken or raised to offer platforms, theatres/auditoriums, etc. perhaps produce a drawing that imagines how you could at first vary the horizontal plane to mark out the existing or speculated areas where a speaker would be and where a crowd would gather.

    A balcony is very top down and suggests a certain political relationship – of one voice addressing a crowd, What if the crowd wants to converse or contribute? Is there a more democratic spatial relationship that you can suggest? This could be a key position of critique posed by the project.

    The Minaret and call to prayer is a nice example to bring in. How would you let the city know that people are gathering in Union Square?

    It is difficult to offer much specific feedback without seeing drawings or other work so I will look forward to your next post. Make sure that the next development of your ideas is through drawings (or collage or model).

    What is the relevance of the California statement on pg1?

    Hope you feel better soon!

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