References 23.02

Here are some of the references mentioned today:

Nice drawing technique and details for Dale/ Cris and anyone else who wants to look at them: OMMX:

Janie – interesting re-use competition for relocating The Museum of London in West Smithfield Market:] and
Coincidentally there’s a good exhibition on crime at the Museum of London until April.

Dave – Look at House VI by Eisenman: which was famously meant to be a “record of design process,” where the structure that results is the methodical manipulation of a grid. Consequently, the use of the building was intentionally ignored – not fought against – that’s what you need to do with your tower. Also look at the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2014: and also this lecture the curator Alex Lehnerer gave at the AA: Here’s an example of one of the weird intersections in plan when they are overlaid: and the plans overlaid when you hold it up to the light: (could be a great portfolio/ presentation technique)

A good example of collages for Maggie: Madeleine Kessler’s Diploma Project – not sure if you can tell from these images but they’re all collages built up in 2d layers so they are almost 3d with interesting textures and materiality:
Also she and I taught a summer school together and we made this stop motion video as our introduction: we did some quick layered collages to illustrate the ideas which also might help:

Jaycee – This is the Petra Blaisse curtain installation at the Venice Biennale:
and those Dogma drawings that I think yours could be similar to in their detail: (funnily enough, the first sequence of drawings and images in the slideshow all relate to live/ work spaces)

Inez – Interesting work by ANA REWAKOWICZ who makes inflatable architectures at the body scale:, and this article that one of my former students sent me is an interesting history and predicted future of the blimp or airship: – since you were interested in Google’s Project Loon, I thought I’d share.

Elyssa – floating Google Data Centre: – good precedent for you with some interesting stats on energy and data centres. Great data centre interior shots: and for light relief a weird TV show called Wall Street Warriors:

Catherine – Adam Davis lecture video/ Las Vegas project – start watching from 8:32:50 for the full lecture: but its basically this kinetic chandelier that could be interesting to think about how your cloud could perform and be occupied.

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