The new Stock Exchange

After Tuesday’s tutorial, I have continued to think about my project and some of the ideas that came up in the discussion.


I have worked a lot on a site model of the piers, which will help me when it comes to space planning and modelling the building. I am awaiting new drill bits to create my actual site, but have otherwise completed the model.






The main ideas I am researching into for the tutorial next week are:

  • How I can utilise the tidal river to generate power for the project & precedents for this
  • The idea of visually showing the data transfers on the exterior of the building
  • Creating a public space that reuses the heat given off by the servers
  • Space planning/ideas for areas of the building
  • Precedents/drawings for all of the above

One thought on “The new Stock Exchange

  1. Good work on the model! You list of considerations for next week is good. Look at the references Manijeh posted on the main page, there is a great precedent there for servers being housed on a ship to be cooled by the water below.
    The stock market planetarium at the Big Bang (which there is a longer piece on here exhibition I think is a great precedent for visualisng the data transfers of the SE as this uses an analogy that aids understanding. Is there another relatable analogy for the information that would usually scroll across the SE? Something links this, for me, to the public space that you propose in your list. The Harriet and Robert Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway at the American Museum of Natural History came to mind. It is very different to the SE challenge as it spatialises static information but there is something about how it relates an unimaginable scale of time to the scale of the body’s movement through the space that I think is interesting
    Could the design of your public space help people within it understand the scales of the speeds and distances of data transfers of the SE, by creating a relatable spatial scale in the public space’s plan and detailing? This could then offer a grounding to understand the constantly updating data.

    Looking forward to seeing what develops for Tuesday!

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