A Study of the Impact of MPL Assignments upon Studio Productivity

Uncanny Stairs v01 Screenshot 03

Uncanny Stairs v01 Screenshot 02

Snatched a day to do some more work on the stairs, looking at potential misalignments with the grid; hanging/suspended structures?? Thanks for your advice on Wednesday Manijeh, I feel confident with knowing where to go next…

One thought on “A Study of the Impact of MPL Assignments upon Studio Productivity

  1. Im not sure why you started with the stair as an element but I think it would be good to draw this in plan so we see how you are manipulating, obstructing, and distorting the grid. As we discussed on Wednesday and also through the references posted on the blog – use the plan as a diagram to overlay one condition onto the other to make a seemingly inhabitable space uninhabitable.
    On the other hand, the idea of a hanging structure is interesting since that would be more of an uninhabitable space explored in section but that would still appear habitable in plan – could be a way to do it more subtly. For Tuesday it would be good to see the logic/ strategy behind your approach of collapsing East Harlem and One Park Lane – once you figure that out you can apply it to different building elements, the plan, the section etc. Looking forward to seeing how it develops and maybe in the meantime draw up those references of Eisenman’s House VI and the Bungalow Germania as case studies in your portfolio in terms of developing a language for the uncanny?

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