Week 4 : Things to do

So yeah. I have a lot of stuffs that are not in order to be solved for the nest 2 weeks for cross crits.

These are that i am planning to do solve :

  • finalize the programmes of the project
  • solve the system of collecting emotive data in detail and its outcome
  • the vision of the project (in terms of the system and outcome)
  • the technology used to represent the emotive responses
  • the form of the project in respect to the programmes
  • the structure and construction of the project (precedents)
  • the material and technology of the structure

As per the discussion we had on Tuesday, for next week, i will construct the system of the project in sequence; from how the data will be collected through hashtags and trending issues, to how the data will be translated into spaces and translated into emotive responses to its final outcome. Theses sequences will be tested and simulated in a couple of different and more specific events. In short, i will construct the backstories of the images that I’ve done for Tuesday.

Thank you.

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One thought on “Week 4 : Things to do

  1. There is lots to do but helpful to have a list. To help you along with this:
    Although part of one system it might be useful to identify what most urgently needs resolving as two sets of tasks:
    1. Designing your intervention into Times Square. What does Times Square look like when the emotion data collected indicates that your subjects are happy? Sad? Anxious, etc? Visualising different emotional phases of your design through specific scenarios is the right way to go and will help us (and tutors at the cross-crits) understand your project and your design intentions. You might want to base the drawings on real scenarios, days when certain events happened in New York. For Tuesday choose maybe 4 scenarios and visualise these. Your drawing with the white light was a good start but make it clear what emotional state is being responded to and what your intention is in designing Times Square’s reaction. What are the responsive elements? Is it just light? Are the changes in emotion expressed by how bright the light is? The colour of the light? Does it flash or fade? Does it replace the billboards completely? If colour is one of your tools then know what it is doing for you as a designer – are you deploying its cultural connotations? Or a specific ability to provoke or calm an emotion? If for example you choose white to show that your subjects are sad, why white?
    You may be interested in this Guardian series on the cultural significance of colours http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/series/a-history-of-colour

    2. The second sphere of work (to be thought through concurrently with the first) is how the system works i.e. data collection and translation. From what sources are the trending items collected? Is this informed by selected applications (Twitter, Facebook)? Within a selected geographical area? How are the trending items read an analysed for emotional content?
    This article reports a study that analysed social network posts for emotional responses.
    So here is a precedent for identifying emotion expressed in social media. I think this is the original study:
    You need to have an idea of how the data would be collected and translated but your task is to design the spatial conditions of your system and its outputs (primarily the Times Square intervention), not the system’s technology. Is there an existing programme that mines social media feeds and translates the emotions expressed which you could bring into your system? Or do you collect from other sources such as your device from semester 1, thus picking up on the work you have already done?

    As I mentioned on Tuesday it would be worth your while seeing the Big Bang data exhibition on in London which is all about visualising data and the intangible. It would help you to think about both the Times Square design and the network that you will propose behind it http://bigbangdata.somersethouse.org.uk

    Looking forward to seeing new work on Tuesday including the Times Square scenario drawings !

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