Work in Progress

I have been trying to get my programme and the concept as foolproof as possible. However on the design part, i am really stuck as to which way should i move forward. I have an idea in my head but it hasnt developed all too much yet. MPL hasnt helped it much to be honest.

However, ive tried draw up a couple of sketches/diagrams and played around in Rhino abit to sort of brainstorm through it.

The first attachment is my brief, this is just to help me proceed with the design and would be sort of the guidelines set out.

Finalised Brief

This contains sketches and diagrams which arent the best i could do, but just needed to get the ideas onto paper, as i am pretty stuck with the design part.

Work in Progress1

I am working on the model, and if the laser cutter is free i should be done by the weekend.


One thought on “Work in Progress

  1. The work in progress is coming along – the plans of the site that identify different programmes and proposals to incorporate into your design is a really good start but still at the level of site analysis. It would be good to see how you start to intervene on site – what is the experience you are creating? How are you creating facts out of previous fictions found on site and how are you making fiction out of factual places on your site like the playground and the golf course?
    Reading the brief, Im still wondering why you are relying on other professions to bring life into your project: “The museum will exhibit Sociocultural Anthropologies which delve into the fields of Writers, Artists, Inventors, Dancers & Theatre.” I think this distracts the project from its real ambition – FACT/FICTION. Remember our discussion at the first tutorial before the semester started – you don’t need all these extra narratives, side projects and other disciplines – you are an architect and there is so much richness in your chosen site that you should explore spatially (not anthropologically). Of course the visitors to the site will activate it and complete the scenarios of fact and fiction but the main task is to think about what you will construct, build, create on site spatially – The brief focuses too much on how these characters of artists, writers etc will become the museum when actually its the spaces or the constructs that you insert onto the site which will form the museum – your definition of the museum in the brief is a good start: “A museum is a non-profit, permanent or temporary institution whose core function is to facilitate the process of imagination, conception, creation and ultimately presentation of these as exhibits for the public good.” but it should be more provocative. How is the museum being challenged by becoming a site that brings past, present and future together? that blurs the boundary between fact and fiction? that changes our experience of Marine Park to something akin to visiting a theme park or a film set yet within a museum context. It would be good to leave the other disciplines on the side for now and start to really design a few interventions on site using one strategy to unify them, developing those sketches in progress into anchors that make fiction fact, and fantastical constructions that make fact fiction.
    Look at this video about a theme park in a salt mine in Transylvania – – it takes an existing site and builds a narrative around it – not an extraneous one but one that uses its previous use as its basis – its about the journey through the space, the idea of being deep underground and how it brings new life to a forgotten disused space. How do you do something similar to Marine Park? Look at the references you have in your work-in-progress document – they are really rich materially and spatially, and also your drawing of Dogville that you showed at the crit – bring in that element of experience, texture, strangeness – whats the route through the site and how do you encounter different fragments of fact/ fiction along this route? Keep working for Tuesday and use the model to think strategically through what your spatial intervention on site could be.

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