Couple of references from today: 01/03

Dale: Just another idea about a time-based drawing for future reference – this won the drawing prize at the AA a few years ago – its a weird section but what’s interesting is that the section changes over time as you read the drawing from left to right, collapsing time into the space of the drawing to show how the project could age – it could be a technique you appropriate to show how the building has changed in use, programme, detailing, inhabitants etc rather than the overlay:


Elyssa – after our discussion today on the idea of using a game for the banker’s to play in the server room – look at this project by Lionel Eid: – he used monopoly as a way to communicate with residents and shopkeepers within a square in Amsterdam so they understood the various forces at play in the city to determine the value of their properties and businesses.


Solaf – This is the project I was discussing in your tutorial of Marcel Duchamp’s Boite-en-valise or portable museum where he recreated his famous pieces in miniature and placed them strategically within a suitcase so that new relationships were formed between pieces according to their adjacencies. He made many versions of this project over the course of his career and its also an interesting portfolio format for everyone to look at: – also this is a project done by a friend of mine a few years ago that took Duchamp’s box as his inspiration to make a comparative one of the AA – he collected different spaces within the school and then put them all within one box that could open and unfold to construct new connections between otherwise disconnected spaces – similar to the cast model you showed today:


Salihah – This is the link to the Adam Magyar lecture at the AA where he describes how he sets up his cameras to capture something between a slow motion video and a still image:
Also this is the link to the sound sculpture by Bill Fontana: – some nice imagery and techniques you could appropriate plus the whole idea of “the first time I had explored in real time the idea of hearing as far as you could see.”
Also this image of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge is quite provocative and interesting in terms of creating connections between either side, the water and views from the bridge:


Jaycee – In addition to the Absalon cell that Danielle mentioned in tutorials today – look at this project by Dyvik Kahlen architects for how they configured a tiny house in London (only 14.1 sqm) to feel really spacious and fulfill all the needs of their client:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 18.39.28

This is their website: – you have to scroll down the page till you get to a project titled The Small House and then you can scroll through the images and drawings as well as read the project description.

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