The Game Changer

I’m interested in exapnding further the imagery and idea of ‘The Game’ for Tuesday. I like the idea of the city being a game for the players of the stock exchange to gamble with- their moves can make or break the city. This all relates back to  the 1929 stock market crash where the players in the game of the stock market caused the crash which lead the whole of the US into a long depression period.


I haven’t had much time to expand my ideas since tuesday, because of MPL, but will do for tutorials next week. Thanks Manijeh for the link to the Nieuwmarkt-opoly, will take a look.


Cross-crit Ideas

  • Introduce brief/ stock exchange ideas
  • Finish a number of drawings including those explaining how NYSE works, concept image of the city from this week etc.
  • Just try and get everything that has been started, finished, in order to create the storyboard
  • Try and link semester 1 work with semester 2
  • Concept models to show on site model
  • Conceptual images of proposal
  • Precedents


I will try and come up with more ideas for tuesday, once I’ve recovered from MPL!

One thought on “The Game Changer

  1. Good list of things to do for the cross crits – I think what’s key is to have your design drawn up and imaged so that you can use it as an opportunity to get as much feedback as possible. The things you were talking about at your last tutorial – the relationship between the interior of servers and bankers playing games vs. the exterior as a theatre or performance that the public can watch and understand similar to black shoals is important to design otherwise you might not have the conversation that you want to have on the day. In the same way that you started the drawing of the interior for last week’s tutorial, start a similar drawing of the exterior to start to question what this performance/ facade/ surrounding area could be. Also think how the project in its current state connects to the Semester 1 work on the Berengaria, the log book and the geographic collapse of different countries and cultures into East London – how have data journeys replaced physical ones, and how will you make that connection in your presentation? It would be good to have an idea for how those connect for Tuesday. Hope MPL went well and looking forward to seeing your developed work at tutorials!

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