Prototype space


Sketch of different spaces which can be combine into different prototype. Also thinking of ways for the facade of the form to  attach to the scaffold structure.

Tomorrow will build different prototype model to see if it works.

Idea based on:

David Kohn Architect’s idea of breaking different space into a modular system and arranging them.


DOGMA Architects and Absalon cell as form inspiration.

image image

One thought on “Prototype space

  1. This look exciting and is a nice way to break out of the regular gridded structure of the scaffolding – now it will be interesting to look at how these spaces can be inserted into scaffolding to construct a new sort of lifestyle and form of inhabiting this previously temporary space – keep going – For Tuesday take these sketches and make them technical drawings so we really understand the difference between the existing and the proposed, the scaffolding and the inhabitable spaces etc.

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