Incubator for Manhattan

I feel at the moment that I have many many things unfinished, or in at least first iterations, however, I also feelmore clear on what I am trying to achieve… it’s just a case of finding the best way to do it.  Some things have not been successful, others have helped to show what is needed.

To work towards a storyboard for Tuesday and key elements I feel I should try to present at crit are as follows:

1 Present the link of innovation from Coney Island

2 The vision for Coney Island as the incubator for Manhattan

3 The concept of the Museum of Architectural Process in the form of roller coaster

4 Precedents of buildings moving, and technology to aid that process

5 Sketch Model of subway routes and link with the journeys between the boroughs to Coney

6 Sketch model of the Manhattan  v Coney Island roller coaster route improved

7 Diagrammatic drawing of the roller coaster route views it would offer to express the architectural process

8 Sectional drawing to show the relationship of scale between the two areas, and also the built environment

9 Distorted  3D Axonometric overview of the whole site

10 Views linked to the 3d axo = Manhattans view of Coney and Coney view to Manhattan

11 Views/collages along the route to define key activities…the Manhattan plot seen from Coney, that plot configured in Coney, the testing ground, the overhead assembly line with prototypes, public viewing the prototypes/architect and vice versa, the view from the roller coaster testing virtual renders, the sweep around a building

12 Futurescope views -the disused rails/columns being reused for new links/branches and/or used for food growth, recreation or habitation

13 Ideas for technology – the coaster capsule for environment, the assembly line/rails for technology, the columns for structure and their relationship to buildings/ground for construction.

So that seems like a pretty long list, perhaps too ambitious for 15th especially as most things will need to be improved, or even begun.

The hardest thing at the moment is representing overview because of the differing scales and the orientation of the route.  I’m hoping that a recent postcard I found of the New York World Fair Site will give me some inspiration.  It is an aerial axo overview of the site with framed inserts of key features, it also has vibrant colours similar to the drawing I did of Coney Island.

I’ve looked again at the various links and precedents you have given me, The High Line book arrived today via amazon, and I’m awaiting the only other book on the high line from the library, so hopefully they will also help to fine tune some elements.

All advice, precedents and help from anyone, very much appreciated!

Applying it is something else entirely…







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  1. Don’t worry it definitely seems that you’re on the right track (no pun intended). Your list is a bit too ambitious for what you need for the cross-crits but its a good working list of things that you would like to have perhaps before the Easter Break?
    Some quick diagrams or drawings that would be useful to have are a comparison of how long it takes to get to Coney Island from Manhattan by rollercoaster vs. the current route (pick a point of departure that will relate to your rollercoaster route) and discuss how many changes etc you need to make. This will set up your argument for why the rollercoaster will be a good idea – faster transportation and a way to extend the fairground language of Coney Island towards Manhattan.
    Another good drawing would be an understanding of how the different stages of the design process from sketching, designing, model-making, testing, prototyping to building are spatialised along the length of your rollercoaster and how they inform its design in terms of views, distance from the ground, orientation etc.
    Those two in addition to an overview drawing that shows where the views are along the length of the rollercoaster and a development of the views you showed us on Tuesday will be a great set of material to show at the cross crit, in addition to a few precedents regarding the technology aspect. Hopefully that sounds more doable.
    Just keep going and don’t worry too much – look at those world’s fair posters and Coney Island postcards to keep the colours vibrant and the language graphic. It might be that to show the rollercoaster in the overview drawing, its scale has to be exaggerated and the medium of collage allows you to take some creative liberty in doing that. Alternatively you could show it as a thin line and then have zoom ins to show key moments along the route? Good luck and hope MPL went well – see you Tuesday!!

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