Quick Update

My list of things I’d like to produce for the cross crit are:

  • Drawing of how long people are pausing in the station
  • Timetable of pauses
  • Indication of city wide impact
  • Define view points within the station

And if I have time after that, a first person view point of each experience. There’s probably something else I’ve forgotten and will have a think about later! (Now to hand in MPL!)

One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Seems like a good list! For the cross crits it will be important to show what your intention is for the intervention so have another version of the timetable of pauses found in the station which shows the different pauses that act upon the cloud and their duration or repetition in relation to the station timetable. I am not sure that I understand what difference you mean between ‘define the view points in the station’ and ‘first person view point of each experience’ but among these you should have something that gives a view of the different phases of the ‘cloud’, what it will look like and what the experience of it will be – I think this is what you mean.

    Your photographs of the structure with foam were great and really suggested a growing landscape. But the question will likely come up in the cross crits of ‘how’ beyond the experiments with expandable foam, etc. So even if you don’t have that worked out completely just yet have some precedents or investigations to show that you are working towards resolving what the material changes would be at the realised scale. Looking forward to seeing the next developments! And I hope the MPL went well!

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