Raiders of the Lost Arm

The model that I tested previously finally set properly and this is an update photo:


I am going to test another model for next Tuesday; an inflatable model. Hopefully it will work (fingers crossed). For the cross crits I would like to show these items:

  • A holistic introduction on Macy’s as the prevailer of immortality (working to update the evidence video and having a supporting book of evidences)
  • A complete brief on the museum programme (designing better deaths)
  • A comparison of the route across the decades (the previous one i did vs. an updated version that has the shrine locations in)
  • The calendar and the complete pull-out dates and life cycle links in it.
  • Updated spatial collages and all models experimented (in photographs and hope to bring them all for the crit).

One thought on “Raiders of the Lost Arm

  1. Yes definitely bring all your models to the crit since it makes a big difference to see them and to be able to interact with them to get feedback on their spatial potential. The concrete model is interesting – it reminds me of your semester 1 investigation into data embedded into the city – this looks like a trace or imprint of someone who leaned against concrete before it dried. But I liked the hybrid models that combine the soft volume of the inflatable with the harder volume of the concrete – they felt less like you were looking at something that had been done in the past and more like an active insertion in the present.
    It would be good to see the comparison drawing of the pilgrimage route or museum route as an extension of the parade route that includes all the shrines and key moments of the calendar on Tuesday so we can give you feedback. I think that will be the most important drawing to show at the cross crits since it really connects your research into the parade with your design proposal, and brings together all the key elements of the project.
    Also as a small correction, I think you’re looking at Macy’s as the purveyor (not prevailer) of immortality (selling immortality rather than just dominating immortality). It would be great if you could update some of those ads that you had at the last crit to reflect your project – maybe use some of the model photos/ conceptual collages to illustrate them? Looking forward to seeing the new work on Tuesday and hope your MPL submission went well!

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